Many people simply do not have the financial means to be members of these establishments and cannot afford this expense, which may push them towards exercising at home.


Having home workout equipment can be quite practical, considering that you’ll have to pay money for a gym membership and sometimes some of their machines. When you have free weights and other tools for fitness at home, you wouldn’t have to deal with these expenses. Plus, you could exercise at any time when you’re at home.

Most people prefer home gym equipment to commercial gyms for a number of reasons. For one, the cost of a home gym is typically lower than that of a monthly or yearly fee at a commercial gym. 

Many people simply do not have the financial means to be members of these establishments and cannot afford this expense, which may push them towards exercising at home. 

People may also prefer working out in their own homes because they can exercise around their own schedule. 

If personal convenience is valued over affordability, then it would make sense that some people would go with home workout options instead of paying hefty membership dues. 

In addition to being able to choose when and where they exercise, those who decide on home workouts are free from distractions such as locker rooms, gym goers, and fitness exercise classes. 

For some people, the privacy of working out in their own homes is a major draw. Many who value privacy may be dissuaded from joining gyms due to locker room issues or shyness about working out in front of others. 

Those who prefer to work out by themselves also typically favor exercising at home over commercial gyms because they are not put into potentially uncomfortable social situations. 

In addition, many believe that it is easier to get motivated when one only has access to what he/she needs for exercise at home. Home workout equipment can range from inexpensive dumbbells and resistance bands all the way up to highly advanced machines such as Cardio machine. 

When combined with body weight exercises, home workout equipment can give the average person a full body workout. Many people also prefer to exercise at home because they can play their favorite music while working out, which may help them stay motivated and push through the burn. 

People may easily find it difficult to motivate themselves to go to commercial gyms; however, working out in one's own home is often less daunting. Since machines are already set up and ready for use, many people feel more inclined to work out when using their own fitness equipment than they would attending an outside gym. 

For some, motivation is not even needed; they simply enjoy staying fit by exercising regularly. Because there are so many different pieces of equipment available for purchase, almost anyone can find something that fits his or her fitness goals. 

The cost of exercising at home is typically lower than visiting a commercial gym, but it does not come without its own disadvantages. For some people, having access to their workout equipment all the time can lead to lack of motivation and boredom. 

This becomes even more difficult when one has little time to spare after work or school for exercise since they spend so much of their day on machines meant for physical activity. 

Additionally, those who desire a social aspect during workouts may instead feel isolated when working out by themselves in their homes. However, this is likely only an issue if someone prefers the company of others over being alone during workouts. 

Another disadvantage to working out at home may be that fitness routines often fall by the wayside as hobbies are neglected and then picked up later. It may be difficult to motivate oneself to exercise if working out becomes a low priority, or it is simply forgotten until one becomes motivated again. 

However, for those who value convenience over price, exercising at home is a perfect option. 

Why Home Gym is preferred over Commercial Gym

+Privacy/Social aspects 

+Out of necessity due to lack of money/accessibility to gyms in certain areas 


+Fits with their own fitness goals and life styles 


+Boredom with the same exercises at home as to switching things around at a gym.