5 Alternatives to Running to Keep Your Cardio Routine Fresh
5 Alternatives to Running to Keep Your Cardio Routine Fresh
Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio exercise, but it isn’t the only choice. Sometimes you can get bored of running over and over again, or maybe the high-impact exercise puts too much stress on your joints. Either way, the best gyms in Stockton and health clubs all over California offer a solution. These exercises are great substitutes for running.

When someone mentions cardio, the first exercise that usually comes to mind is running. Running can be an effective cardio exercise, but it has its drawbacks. Running can get monotonous, and its high-impact nature can be tough on the joints. However, the best health clubs and gyms in Modesto and around California offer cardio alternatives to help you in your fitness journey. Here are five different ways to get your heart pumping that don’t involve a treadmill.

Jumping Rope Gets Your Heart Pumping Quickly

Jumping rope is more than just a kid’s game. Start jumping rope for a couple of minutes, and you’ll quickly notice your heart rate is elevated and your breathing is a little quicker. Jumping rope can burn tons of calories while giving your lower body a good workout. Keep your arms close to your side and let your legs and core do all the work. Many health clubs offer an area for cross-training or warm-ups where you can skip to your heart’s content.

The Elliptical Is a Low-Impact Treadmill Alternative

If you enjoy the action of running but want to reduce stress on your joints, an elliptical machine is your low-impact alternative. Elliptical workouts are almost as popular as running, and the best health clubs and gyms in Tracy and across California offer nearly as many ellipticals as they do treadmills. An elliptical machine allows you to increase resistance and give yourself a more challenging workout. If you just need a break from running to let your joints recover, an elliptical is the way to go.

Try Swimming for a Full-Body Workout

Swimming combines the benefits of cardio and strength training for a full-body calorie burn. As you swim, the water provides a bit of resistance, improving your strength with every lap. In addition, your heart rate will quickly elevate as you put in the work, which can only benefit your cardiovascular health. Whether inside or outside, swimming is a low-impact workout that will have you enjoying cardio again.

Stair Stepping: The Slow Burn

A stair-stepping machine doesn’t give you the high-energy excitement of running, but the grind of floor after floor of stairs can be just as good for your cardiovascular health. You don’t have to maintain a fast pace like you do while running, but you have to slowly and steadily climb each stair in a challenging rhythm. You won’t be moving quickly, but you will be burning calories at a blistering pace. Soon, those stairs at your office will seem like a piece of cake.

Mix Up Your Cardio by Cycling Inside or Outside

Both inside and outside, cycling offers unique ways to mix up your cardio routine. Cycling machines indoors are a relaxed way to increase your heart rate with minimal impact on your joints. It is also an opportunity to read a book or catch up on your favorite TV show if the machine supports it. Outdoors, cycling offers you the chance to work out while exploring your neighborhood or local sites. Hop on that bike and get your cardio in for the day.

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