How to Make Money as a Teenager in the Philippines?
How to Make Money as a Teenager in the Philippines?
Learn how to make money as a teenager

How to Make Money as a Teenager in the Philippines?

If you’re looking to make money as a teenager in the Philippines, you should know that it isn’t easy—and that’s putting it lightly. It’s definitely possible, but it takes some work and planning in order to be successful.

Here are 11 ways to make money as a teenager in the Philippines—whether you have experience or not, we guarantee these methods will give you results!

Why you should make money as a teenager?

Teenagers are often broke. This is especially true if you’re supporting yourself rather than receiving some sort of financial support from your parents or guardians.

It can be stressful, but earning your own money will help you learn valuable skills, give you more freedom, and allow you to participate in experiences that may lead you down an interesting career path.

Whether it’s babysitting younger siblings after school or working at a retail store during weekends and holidays, earning money as a teenager is totally possible.


The Advantages of Making Money as a Teenager

It can be hard to get started in the working world, especially if you’re just starting out with no income and bills to pay. But if you’re a teenager, it can be even harder, since the only source of income you have is money from your parents or doing odd jobs around your neighborhood.

Earning money motivates you

People who work earn more than people who don’t. This is mostly due to intrinsic rewards—earning money for doing something you enjoy and/or do well means that you’re also getting other positive benefits, like self-confidence and pride in your work.

That’s not to say that teenagers need extra financial motivation—most teens want to make money because they want to be independent and get some pretty cool stuff.

But earning your own cash makes it easier to gain additional life skills (like managing finances) while saving up for those big purchases (phones, cars, etc.)

You become responsible

Earning money and learning how to manage it can help you become more responsible. You’ll learn about budgeting, saving for things you want and avoiding impulsive purchases.

While teens are considered by many to be notorious spendthrifts, teenagers who work have different views on spending than their peers. According to one survey, nearly half of young workers saved part or all of their income while only 35 percent of non-workers saved any money.

Plus, teens who are working are more likely to earn higher grades in school and not get into trouble with law enforcement officials than those who aren’t employed.

Earning makes you resourceful

Make Money as a Teenager Philippines

As you start making your own money, you’ll gain more independence and make more decisions on your own. This doesn’t just make you less dependent on adults to help out with bills, it also makes you more capable at managing money.

Time management is an important skill to learn early on in life, so when you’re earning money yourself, you learn what it takes to meet deadlines, save up for something important (like a car), and take time for rest and recreation.

You become a better worker

When you work, you develop skills that will serve you well in future job situations. For example, if you work at a part-time retail job for three years and later apply for a management position at another retail store, your earlier experience could give you an edge over other applicants.

A recent study by Harvard’s Civil Rights Project found that African American men who had worked more than one job during high school and college were more likely to be employed than African American men who did not hold multiple jobs.

These findings indicate that holding multiple jobs while in high school or college can be helpful when looking for employment after graduation.

The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to pursue work experiences even if they don’t pay much—they can help prepare you for future success.


You learn how to save

It can be easy to spend all your money on clothes, going out, and other unnecessary items. When you’re younger it’s especially easy because you have more free time and less responsibilities to worry about.

But learning how to save is extremely important for financial security in adulthood. Having some cash stored away will keep you from making rash decisions later in life that can cost thousands of dollars.

So when you’re young is an ideal time to start building up savings habits. In fact, even having just P5,000 in a savings account can make a big difference when it comes to reaching goals down the road!

You will make new friends

Make Money as a Teenager Philippines

A job can be your first opportunity to make friends outside of school. Especially in service industries, you’ll have coworkers with similar interests, and if you don’t know any local kids, you may get to meet people from other parts of town—and even other parts of your city.

As an added bonus, working in retail or food service will help you develop communication skills since part of your job will be dealing with customers and talking about products/services. It’s also easy to meet people through volunteer work since many organizations run programs for teens.

While volunteering can be a great experience in itself, it can also help open up new career opportunities and social circles.


You will gain independence

Learning how to earn money on your own can give you a sense of responsibility, and make you feel more like an adult. Earning money gives you something to do with your time and helps you decide what to spend it on.

You will have increased respect for money: Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that it’s OK to waste money. Learning how hard it is to earn money will help prevent frittering away dollars on things that don’t matter, such as elaborate lunches or expensive clothing.

You might have had daddy pay for everything growing up, but when you start earning your own income, there’s no one else but yourself to blame if your spending gets out of control.

Parents trust you more

Make Money as a Teenager Philippines

If you’re 16, you are old enough to understand where money comes from. Start making your own earnings, and soon you’ll have more spending money than ever before.

Plus, Mom and Dad may give you more freedom to do what you want with your own cash, knowing that they can trust you not to blow it all on candy and ice cream.

On top of that, having your own money could be an in when negotiating with your parents over rules like curfew or allowance amounts—especially if they know you are earning it yourself.


What are the ways to Make Money as a Teenager in the Philippines?

1. Earn money through E-Commerce

One of the best ways on how to make money as a Teenager in the Philippines is to start an e-commerce business. As a teenager, you have access to a wealth of websites that allow you to make money through e-commerce. The e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with sales doubling between 2017 and 2020.

If you can use your computer or smartphone well enough to place an order online and then track it as it arrives at your doorstep, there’s a good chance you can also get paid for helping others do it.

Learn how to sell on Shopee Philippines.

2. Have your own blog

Make Money as a Teenager Philippines

It’s also a good idea to start your own blog as a teenager, so you can begin establishing yourself as an expert. Keep it simple and small; it doesn’t have to be much more than a place for you to share resources and original content related to your passion.

If you make money blogging about things you’re passionate about, that just makes your whole hobby more fun. You could even do paid freelance work or freelancing sites like Fiverr or People Per Hour from within your teen business.

It gives you an additional income stream and it might even bring real-world clients into your online space who will discover all of the other services and offerings you provide there.

Read our article to learn how to make money with your blog.

3. Join paid survey sites

Make Money as teenager by joining paid survey sites. It’s super easy, and you’ll be amazed by how much money you can make if you sign up for just a few paid survey sites. For example, Swagbucks will pay out over $75 for signing up and completing surveys, so that could mean an extra $200 or more per month—and you won’t even have to change your spending habits at all.

With extra money as a teenager it’s possible to save up for a big purchase like a car or holiday. Alternatively, use some of your cash as pocket money! Having some pocket money is always nice when you are your own boss!


4. Start an online business

If you’re a teenager, you may be able to make money by selling your services on websites like Fiverr or Freelancer. You can also earn money from ads on sites like YouTube and by promoting products on social media.

Another way for teens to make money is by signing up for surveys—online and off—or working as a product tester. This is an especially great option for those who have sensitive skin or have other hobbies that preclude spending a lot of time around dangerous chemicals.

Here are some ways how to make money online.

5. Babysitting

Whether it’s part-time or full-time, babysitting is a great way for young people to make money.

It’s flexible and pays well—but you have to be reliable. Sitters who can work as a team with parents and kids (especially those with younger siblings) have a higher chance of getting hired again; parents appreciate having someone that knows how their kids are likely to behave.

Most importantly, don’t forget safety: adult supervision is essential!

6. Do freelance jobs

Freelance writing jobs are a great way for teens to make money as they give you more freedom and flexibility.

By taking on these types of jobs, it is possible for teenagers to earn around P1,500 a month by working about three hours a day. Even if you don’t have any experience as a writer, many sites will help you get started.

When applying for freelance writing jobs, be sure that your topic area is appropriate for your age level and provide samples of your work so employers can see what kind of quality they can expect from you.

As with other ways teens can make money from home , avoiding scams is important so be sure that any sites offering freelance job opportunities are legitimate before sending off any money or personal information.


7. Be a bagger at a grocery store

If you’re looking for a way to make money as a teenager, bagging groceries at a local grocery store is one of your best options.

Pay ranges widely based on location and job type, but most grocery store baggers make around $8-10 per hour. You’ll likely be required to work weekends and evenings (lots of 16-year-olds have other plans!), but it’s still an easy, fun way to pick up some extra cash.

8. Pet Sitting

If you’re looking for ways to make money as a teenager, pet sitting is an interesting option. Many people don’t want to leave their furry friends alone while they travel, and they are willing to pay a teen extra money if they can take care of their animal.

And unlike babysitting, working as a pet sitter doesn’t require you or your client to stay at home; instead, you can bring your dog along with you when hanging out with other dogs or going on trips.

9. Manage social media accounts

One of your first steps as a teenager trying to make money should be deciding what kind of account you want to manage. Start by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re a whiz at social media marketing, it might make sense for you to manage an Instagram account for a small business, where you can share engaging visual content about that company’s products.

If more people like or follow your posts, you’ll earn money from their interactions with those ads.