High Risk Payment Gateways: A connection between you and your customer
High Risk Payment Gateways: A connection between you and your customer
A smooth flow of payment is what drives a business to a next level. After all, payments are the integral part of any business which generates profits for them. Think about how it may be if there is no proper management of payments? It sounds like pretty hassle.

payment gateway acts as a connector which carries the payment from customer to the merchant’s account. It accepts the debit and credit card payments and you know what, it deliberately safeguards all the information which customer filled on the page.

It is quite common that we all have seen a payment gateway but have never realized how important it is. It not only carries payment from customer to merchant, but it also protects merchants as well as customer from online frauds and breach of crucial information.

In today’s epoch, the online buying and selling have taken a new face. There is a very high inclination in online shoppers and buyers, and so in online businesses also. The online businesses have also increased, the internet now a day is filled with numerous merchants trying to establish themselves as an online merchant.

But don’t you think all this requires a technology to ensure the inflow and outflow of payments and transactions are smooth or not. Yes, a proper tool is required and that is what we called it as a payment gateway.

Who is a high risk merchant?

high risk merchant is a business who comes under high-risk category due to its high chargeback history, high volume of transactions and chances of facing any fraud. High risk businesses are merchants who are regarded as having a high risk of financial failure.

Being a merchant it is obvious that every business requires merchant and payment services whether it is a high risk or a low risk. Low risk businesses have full opportunities for merchant services. But here we are taking about high-risk merchants.

High risk merchants are not welcomed by banks and financial institutions for merchant services. Means, being into high-risk category banks and other financial institutions do not provide merchant and payment services to any of them.

So, how these merchants get their merchant services? They are welcomed by payment services providers. These payment services providers are third parties who make the merchant and payment gateway services available for the high risk merchants as well.

For accepting and depositing a payment, every business requires a merchant account. A high-risk merchant account is allotted to the businesses to which payment processor considers to be at higher risk in terms of chargebacks and frauds.

eMerchant pro will help your business to grow with full efficacy without worrying for chargebacks and volume of transactions. Your business will no longer face any difficulty in receiving and accepting payments and that is to be with our dedicated service.

Moving forward accepting a payment or a transaction will most importantly require a payment gateway. And those payment gateways that are integrated with high-risk businesses are known as high-risk payment gateways.

The businesses such as online dating, gambling, online gaming, travel industry, forex and many more are categorized as high-risk. These industries face high volume of transactions and frequent inflow and outflow of cash.

The credit card processing for such businesses should be processed with high level of safety and security. While transferring the payments to the customers just like in gambling business, the transaction should be safe so that it is not captured by any malicious element in between.

For these kinds of services only a high risk payment gateway is mandatory.

What is a high-risk payment gateway?

high risk payment gateway is the source of connection which connects the merchant’s bank account with that of customers. Through a high risk payment gateway, the payments are transferred smoothly to the merchant’s account through debit or credit card.

It is obvious, when the merchant comes under high-risk then the payments are also considered as high risk due to high chances of getting captured by cyber frauds. A high-risk payment gateway eliminates all chances of any fraud or data breach of customer.

Every business includes global payments and global credit card processing because of establishing a global name. Even many merchants have global or international customers as well. This will lead to the global payments by customers from different locations.

And customers do not want any hassle in their payments. They need a simple payment solution for a seamless experience. If they don’t find the same, then they will don’t come back to the merchant’s website.

Due to this, it becomes more important for merchant to introduce a seamless high-risk payment gateway so that customers do not back off and leaves the site without buying and paying. When the high-risk payment gateway is integrated to the merchant’s website, there is less chance of customer backing off from payment.

Advantages of a high-risk payment gateway

·        Easy and simplifies integration with merchant’s website.

·        Acceptance of various payment modes.

·        Real time processing reports.

·        PCI DSS compliance level payment gateway.

·        Smooth online credit card processing.

·        Acceptance of multiple currencies and payments.

high-risk payment gateway is the necessity of all the merchants that fall under high-risk category. Payment service providers now a day are offering cutting edge technologies related to payment processing. Merchants who come under high risk need not to worry if they are rejected by banks. They can search for the best payment service and payment gateway providers to get the merchant services.

The high-risk payment gateways are of two types one is 3DS high-risk payment gateway and another is non3Ds high-risk payment gateway. Both are at their best in terms of security and authenticity. These both payment gateways works efficiently when it comes to carrying forward the payments.

A 3DS payment gateway

3Ds payment gateway is known as 3 domain secured payment gateway. It is considered as best high-risk payment gateways due to its multi-layer security feature. A 3DS high risk payment gateway is secured with various layers of protection while processing a debit or credit card payment. Under this, the bank asks for the authentication or a onetime password from the customer to make sure that the payment is initiated by customer only.

It is better known for its one time password authentication by banks through customers registered phone number with bank. However, it takes more time than a non 3DS payment gateway. This may sometime irritates the customers. But the security is highly assured.

A non-3Ds payment gateway

non 3Ds payment gateway works with no redirection to any other page or window in system. The payment approvals are quick and faster as compared to a 3Ds payment gateway. In addition to this there is no compromise with the security as well. No additional authentication is required.

eMerchant Pro as high risk payment gateway provider

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