Binance Clone Script Software | Binance DEX Clone App | Zodeak
Binance Clone Script Software | Binance DEX Clone App | Zodeak
Zodeak's Binance clone script & Clone App helps to start an exchange platform like Binance. We offer White label Binance Clone Script that can be modified based on your business needs.

Binance Clone Script Software | Binance DEX Clone App | Zodeak

Stable version: 1.0

Get an Incredible Binance Clone Script Software and launch your robust Cryptocurrency Exchange platform like Binance with Zodeakx and get an endless benefit.

To make our Binance clone script more unique and eccentric, we encompassed features after an ample analysis according to the entrepreneur vision

Users can register their accounts through Email. A verification code will be sent to the registered E-mail and Enter the six-digit code for successful registration.

We Zodeakx Provides Two-factor Authentication ensures the users of the readily-made cryptocurrency exchange script platform will enjoy 100% secure login.

To Deposit Fiat currency, the Admin list out the Bank details in the FIAT Deposit Option. The user should choose the desired currency and make a transaction. Once the Admin receives the Fiat, that transaction will be approved. Using this FIAT currency they can trade with related Crypto-FIAT Trading pairs.

To get Fiat Withdraw, Users should add their Bank information in the Bank details option. After adding the details, users can withdraw their fiat with the help of the Fiat Withdraw option.

The User can deposit cryptocurrencies or coins in a cost-free hassle manner. but when it comes to withdrawal users must enable Two-factor authentication and KYC authentication to make their transaction more secure.

Zodeakx offers a Limit, Market, and Stop Limit order for the user to do trading. These orders assist all traders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in various trading pairs that concord with the price of the market.

The user can experience easy navigation and enjoy the trading platform on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, or websites with appealing and user-friendly designs.

Decentralized Order Book

150+ Cryptocurrencies Support

Crypto Wallet Integration

Fiat-Crypto Exchange

Binance DEX Clone Script allows a limitless and permissionless financial system to your decentralized (DEX) crypto exchange platform. Our Binance DEX clone omits central control to handle funds or track IOUs, and offers more authorization over your crypto assets.

Binance DEX clone software is built including on-off chain order books, Automated Market Maker (AMM), smart contracts. We facilitate an intuitive trading experience and a more secure, reliable trading platform. Our Binance DEX clone script is highly efficient in handling enormous crypto trading with scalability.

For Every login and every withdrawal transaction, the User must authenticate with two-factor authentication. This authentication ensures higher security and acts as a protective wall from violations.

By setting up the Anti-Phishing Code, the user can easily understand whether your notification Email comes from Zodeakx or other Phishing attempts.

Every user must verify the KYC Identification. The Submitted KYC identity listed in the admin panel. So the admin verifies each and every profile and takes an action as an approval or rejection.

Implementation of device management feature helps the user to identify the unwanted login devices and delete them. To add your device to the trusted device list, The user needs to complete the verification for a new device authorization.

Zodeakx integrates high-end technologies like AngularJS and NodeJS to make an advanced secured trading platform for traders. With the advanced technologies, it reduces the Page loading speed, and generates amazing performance.

With the advanced technologies, our Binance Clone script has superior execution, reduces the Page loading speed, and generates amazing performance.

The user's account is secure by disabling the account when entering the wrong credentials more than three times. With the help of a verification code, the user can reactivate the account.

Hot wallet has been integrated into the exchange platform with high safety features and guaranteed to store the money with no breaches.

A separate customised and user friendly admin panel is provided which is highly enough to manage every need of the trading platform.

We furnish 100 percent source code to the business person so you can experience individualism to make changes in future.

With no traces of Zodeakx, we can draft the script to brand your business. We guarantee to not influence your site at any circumstances with Zodeakx logo or name.

We completely take care about the third party integration and their needs from our side. Without technical knowledge you can launch the site in a short span.

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