A Project Report Format
A Project Report Format
Project report plays an vital role in evaluating business loan proposal & this type of document prepared by industries expert. Apply online on website.

A Project Report Format

A Project Report Format

A project report serves as a snapshot of the entire project/business plan.  

Most of you may be unclear about the actual format required for a project report. The format of the project report is very simple - just explain all aspects of your business.

Creating a project report is a very difficult task for all businesspeople. A project report format is also known as a business plan; is an important document when going for a bank loan.  

Typically, most of the businesspeople or entreprenuers find it difficult to create a project report of their own, that’s why Financeseva come into the picture as you don’t need financial knowledge in creating the project report in Financeseva.  

A good project report should contain the following information. You can use our sample project report for having a better understanding of the format required to create a detailed project report.  

A perfect project report format consists of:

Introductory Page – This section includes the potential, need, possibility of project and fund needed, and so on.  

Scope of the project– Examine project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines

Details about the Promoters–  Under this portion, entrepreneurs need to details the information of promoters which includes their educational qualifications and work experience.

Product /services – Briefly describe about your offering whether it a product or services, how your offering will benefit to the public.  

Location details – Where you are going to start the unit, its specialty, etc

Plant & machinery details – Details of your plant and machinery used

Raw materials (if any) – Details of raw material used

Market potential and marketing strategy – How big is your market?, How you are planning to sell the product

Employees details –details of employees, their educational qualifications, work experience, etc.

Project cost – Total money (including your share) for building your project

Application of fund – How you allocate funds in your project

Means of Financing – From where you source the fund

Balance Sheet

Profit and Loss Statements

Cash Flow Statement

General Ratios

Break-Even Point Evaluations


Instead of creating all the details in the given project report format, you can use Financeseva as an easy way to create the report. Our report is approved by all banks in India.