Zani Santo Jewelry Brand launches a New Exotic Alma Collection
Zani Gugelmann brings her SANTO jewelry brand back to life with the new ALMA collection. Inspired by historical jewelry workmanship, in this case orb masonic pendants from the Victorian era, the ALMA collection reinterprets the past into a modern day aesthetic. Meaning soul in Spanish, ALMA, is not just about outer beauty, but what lies within. In this case, each piece opens to reveal an unexpected surprise inside, literally transforming from one shape into another.

Each piece within the ALMA collection opens to uncover a symbolic shape, whether it be a traditional religious symbol or a familiar geometrical shape, such as a star or flower. Zani believes that these special pieces carry a spiritual strength within them, even acting as a type of amulet, holding close our love, dreams, and aspirations. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with the shapes, sizes, gems and colors, all carefully chosen to convey a specific message. The pieces can also be custom made to incorporate engraving