Which are the unique jewelry gift ideas for holidays?
Which are the unique jewelry gift ideas for holidays?
Which are the unique jewelry gift ideas for holidays?

Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! Family traditions make holiday celebrations all the more special. Serenading your loved ones in these uncertain times creates a sense of closeness and comfort. Nothing adds warmth and magic to the festive season quite like unwrapping the gift boxes. A stunning piece of jewellery definitely makes for an exciting gift. This holiday gift guide features a list of dazzling jewellery to usher in a prosperous and hopeful new year.

Diamond earrings

A pair of twinkling, eye-catching diamond earrings never fails to pleasantly surprise. A non-nonsense diamond stud makes an effortless move from party to professional. This is a never-fail option when your days involve attending multiple video meetings. Think interlocking diamond pavé hoops. Dressing up for a holiday party will never be same again. With this versatile piece, rest assured about turning heads.

Diamond and Coloured Gemstone Necklaces

The unexpected combination of diamonds and coloured gemstones is a match made in heaven. A sapphire and diamond pendant on a rose gold link chain delivers a refined style statement. The sapphire can be substituted with ruby, emerald, or even coloured diamonds. The vibrant hue is complimented by the colourless scintillation of diamonds. The pendant can be elegantly classic or include the wearer's name – the designs can be varied and interesting. Trinity necklaces mixing shades of pink, yellow, and white make meaningful holiday gifts.

A stylish necklace can be functional and comfortable to wear. Adjustable chain length is one such feature that delivers style with functionality.

Birthstone jewellery

Gifts can't be more personal than unique birthstone jewellery. An obvious pick for birthdays, signature stones are equally fabulous choice for holiday gifting. Find something that fits her style and personalise with the birthstone. It can be combined with messages to lend a touch of exception.

Eternity rings

Our hands have been subjected to innumerable tortures in the last few months. More than an unprepared spectacular solitaire, you need something stunning yet utilitarian. Enter the diamond eternity ring. A row of pronged, raised diamonds create an unbroken stream of sparkle. Thickness of the diamond-studded band can vary according to taste. The predictability of diamonds can be avoided if they are alternated with emeralds or rubies. The classic union of diamond and sapphires also create an enigmatic ring.

Charm bracelets or necklaces

Remarkable and unique – delicate charms add a fresh perspective to your jewellery staples. This is a one-of-a-kind surprise to appreciate that special person in your life. Diamond accented butterflies, coins, stars – inspired by Nature's many marvels – make an elegant yet fun gift choice.

Bespoke jewellery

Nothing speaks of intimacy and personalisation better than a piece of bespoke ornament. A precise reflection of personal preferences,stories and sentiments – you can never go wrong with a bespoke diamond ring or pendant. It need not be essentially an extravagant buy. When customising you can avoid the extensive price mark-up of any renowned jewellery brand. It's a special experience for a relationship that lasts forever.

Shop these gift-worthy jewelleries and get ready for safe and sparkling holiday season.

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