What jewelry goes with what skin tone?
What jewelry goes with what skin tone?
What jewelry goes with what skin tone?

Today, I'm here to share some tips about matching jewelry with different skin tones.

The skin fair-skinneds in vain

People with fair skin are not picky about jewelry and feel noble and elegant when wearing gold jewelry. Wearing red sapphire lining white and transparent, gorgeous and generous gemstone; Wearing quartz watches is more low-key and intellectual.

Recommended: gold jewelry, red sapphire, tourmaline, quartz watches

Yellow skin

Asian women are generally yellow skin, with the right jewelry can be turned into ice beauty. Green jade fresh and natural, fine steel watch neat, can appear delicate skin, make people elegant temperament, reduce the yellow skin sick feeling.

Recommended: Jade, emerald, steel watch

Skin slants black

Skin slants black

What? Black skin doesn't suit color, you say? In fact, it is more beautiful to show off your personality with bold colors than to try to whiten a tan. If you want to choose a conservative color, topaz, jade cat eyes, mid-tone jewelry, will tone down the skin.

Of course diamonds are the first choice, who can resist the charm of diamonds?

Recommended: Diamond, topaz, opal

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When you happily wear your favorite jewelry, do you ever wonder what your skin color is and match it with the jewelry? Don't fool around with jewelry anymore!