Wardrobe Essentials
Wardrobe Essentials
For every man, the joys of styling a favorite pair of footwear are something irresistible. Whether you are heading to the workplace, sports club, festivity, shopping, or hangout, shoes are one of the wardrobe essentials that you can’t go without. Having a nice collection of casual and formal shoes in your closet will help you style your outfits for a number of occasions. So, are you ready to flaunt up your look?

Shoes that’ll Impress at Any Occasion

Let’s dive into various shoe designs for men that are ready to make a style statement. The following five types of footwear are must-haves that’ll create impressive looks for any occasion.


Your wardrobe is incomplete without loafers. This classic pair of shoes is a perfect resemblance to a moccasin. With exquisite leather uppers, flat heels, and style enhancements, these slip-on shoes for men are versatile, cool, and timeless at the same time. Loafers line between casual and formal shoes for men categories, which means you can wear them to the workplace, brunch dates, dinner parties, as well as running errands. Loafers are highly comfortable and easy to wear as compared to other types of men’s formal shoes. You can wear them with or without socks, depending on your style and preferences. They are crafted with leather or suede material with a handsome silhouette bathed in different colors including black, brown, and tan.


As mentioned above, loafers and moccasins are in the same footwear category having different styles. However, loafers were discovered after the moccasins. Moccasins offer a relaxed and chic style that can be worn on any occasion. Moccasins have a more casual appearance than loafers, with notable stitching around the uppers. You can find an array of designs for everyday wear. The most popular and enticing design is supple suede intensified with horse-bit detailing and rubber outsole.

Casual Slip-on

A slip-on shoe is not a sporty shoe, and yet it’s also not formal footwear. With quality leather upper and anti-slip outsoles, this type of shoe can be coordinated with any casual outfit, ideal for a number of occasions. The slip-on casual shoes from Glanz have milled or smooth leather uppers, anti-slip rubberized outsoles, and comfortable molded in-socks. In addition, you can adorn your festivities with their exclusive range of slip-on shoes made with suede and nubuck uppers.

Athleisure Shoes

Looking for a super comfortable pair of running shoes? Look no further than high-performance athleisure shoes. This type of shoe is best for gym lovers, travel enthusiasts, athletes. Just you need to opt for superior quality runners that can boost your pace while offering great comfort and feel light on your feet. The high-performance athleisure shoes from Glanz are super comfortable with sandwich mesh, lycra or fly-knitted uppers, super cushioned in-socks, and durable EVA and TPR outsoles. The entire range of athleisure shoes has removable in-socks that offers arch support feature and breathability.

Flip Flops

When you are heading to the beach, you always need a relaxed and breathable pair of slippers. Glanz's wide range of flip-flops are must-haves to flaunt your summer look. So, you can enjoy the wind and beach waves by walking around the edges, kicking the sand, and sipping a refreshing cocktail. With shock absorbent and slip-resistant outsole, textured leather uppers, and EVA midsoles, you will experience a high level of comfort and relief. Deep heel cups and arch support footbed will help stabilize your feet. Oh, and did we mention Glanz high-end designs in men’s slippers with versatile color options? Well, don’t forget to explore.