Vegan Leather Bags
Vegan Leather Bags
We aim to deliver quality bags that are made of cruelty-free materials like Vegan Leather, Jute, Cotton, Canvas, etc & are handcrafted at our local manufacturing unit promoting local craftsmanship.

Braaga bags are produced at our local production facility in an effort to support local workmanship and are constructed from materials that are not tested on animals, such as vegan leather, jute, cotton, and canvas. Our goal is to build a sustainable, environmentally friendly, made-in-India brand.

VOCAL FOR LOCAL is a principle that BRAAGA firmly upholds. By investigating novel design components and raw materials, we have always been pushing our limits. In the subsequent decades, Braaga will undoubtedly be a top brand globally. For everybody, BRAAGA has a full selection of stylish and practical bags.

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