Three Minefields of Jewelry
Three Minefields of Jewelry
Three Minefields of Jewelry


Really understand themselves and the taste of noble women, definitely will have their own a jewelry box, all kinds of wide variety of jewelry match is the best foil temperament, but also a lot of women for jewelry without a good aesthetic, for about how to choose a senior jewelry is not proficient, so couldn't just showing beauty.


the woman regardless of poor money, when collocation jewelry, 3 must step on the jewelry of thunder must not choose, not only did not enhance the effect of temperament and delicate feeling, but also intuitive pull down your grade, affect the temperament is still ugly sincerely suggest that everyone stay away, come and see it quickly!


Minefield one: Grandiose design

There are many brands of a few fashion actually, the design of a few of their jewelry is with "exaggeration" and famous, marketing will promote with popular boldness namely. These IQ taxes suggest that women should not choose at once. Although exaggerated jewelry is bright at a glance, it really will appear that you have no taste, and the ornament immediately exceeds your own charm, and the weight of ostentatious jewelry is not small, it is really a heavy feeling.


Minefield two: The material of crystal

The appearance of the jewelry is important, but the foil material and lining force is one of the essence, blowing a few years ago a fashionable wind crystal material is qualitative, but suggest that we don't really match the crystal material is qualitative, today's crystal jewelry to wear a very cheap feeling, like buy the sort of sense, before the street a few and foil for temperament completely without ability.


Minefield Three: Wearing old-fashioned gold bracelets on your hands

Gold is very valuable for collection, but those traditional and old-fashioned large gold bracelets, sincerely suggest that you do not go out with this style can really pull down your grade instantly, after all, the hand jewelry belongs to the more conspicuous that kind, will give a person a kind of deliberately "show off wealth" feeling, and old-fashioned.


The choice of jewelry to wear intuitively reflects your taste is high or not high, especially in some people or more formal occasions, really want to match this key ornament to the best foil state, will improve their temperament.


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