Thinking of Going Blonde? Stock Up on Purple Shampoo and Conditioner
Thinking of Going Blonde? Stock Up on Purple Shampoo and Conditioner
Are you thinking about making the switch to blonde hair? Get excited and prepare to stock up on all the essentials, like non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner and toning violet shampoo for blondes. These products can help you maintain your bright blonde locks no matter how much time goes by between salon visits. Here is everything you need to know about maintaining your beautiful new blonde hair.

You’ve decided to change your hair color. You’ve booked the appointment, and you’re ready to say hello to some gorgeous blonde locks. While blondes do have plenty of fun, there are some products you should get familiar with so you’re ready to care for your hair once your salon appointment is finished. It’s important to make room for some toning violet shampoo as well as non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner in your routine. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to start using nourishing, heat-protecting oil specially made for blonde hair too. Here is everything you need to know about maintaining your beautiful new blonde locks.

Why Daily Blonde Hair Care Is Important

Non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner aren’t just for natural blondes. Color-treated blondes can also benefit from the protective cleansing powers of this duo. You have to take extra care with blonde hair because it can be susceptible to breakage as well as tonal changes. Use your hydrating non-toning purple shampoo and no-tone purple conditioner daily for the best results.

Maintaining moisture in your blonde locks is essential for keeping your hair looking fresh and bouncy—for both natural and color-treated blondes. The drier your hair is, the more susceptible it can be to thermal or UV damage. Consider adding an argan oil formulated specifically for blondes to your routine to add a layer of protection and moisture to your locks. This can also provide your hair with an added shine and prevent frizz and flyaways.

How Toning Purple Shampoo Keeps Your Hair Bright

Blonde hair has less pigment than other colors, which makes it more susceptible to brassy tones. Brassiness can be caused by many different factors, including chlorine, heavy minerals in your water, and UV rays from the sun. A high-performing toning purple shampoo with an ultra-violet formula can help neutralize unwanted warm tones so you can keep your blonde locks looking fresh and bright.

When to Tone

When you notice your hair starting to get brassy, you can brighten your locks with a weekly toning purple shampoo. It’s a great way to keep your hair looking like you just stepped out of the salon. Use your toning violet shampoo once a week to maintain bright highlights and blonde tones. It’s as simple as lathering up while washing your hair, leaving the toning purple shampoo in for one minute, and then rinsing and conditioning as you usually would. Make sure your toning shampoo contains no added parabens for best results. Once your routine is stocked with these blonde essentials, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking beautifully blonde hair.

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