The Real Concept of Jewelry
The Real Concept of Jewelry
The Real Concept of Jewelry


People's pursuit of beauty has been constantly evolving since ancient times. These beauties are not only the depiction of appearance, but also the pursuit of jewelry aesthetic feeling. Being good looking is definitely a perfect plus. It's worth thinking about how to maximize these external advantages, or how to effectively avoid these disadvantages when the external is not so outstanding. Wholesale jewelry is a good choice for buying jewelry.


The birth of jewelry solves these two problems well. It provides a perfect choice for women who pursue exquisite beauty, and also promotes the charm for men who pay attention to grace. The beauty that jewelry can bring to us cannot be ignored. What kind of products can be called jewelry? Today we will unveil the mystery of jewelry.


Jewelry has broad sense and narrow sense.


The narrow sense of jewelry only refers to natural gems, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and so on.

In a broad sense, jewelry, handicrafts or other collections made of gold, silver and natural materials (minerals, rocks, organisms, etc.) with a certain value are collectively referred to as jewelry. In ancient China, there is the term "gold and silver jewelry" to distinguish gold and silver from jewelry.


With the development of society and economy, the concept of jewelry has been expanded to include gold, silver and jewelry, in addition to natural and artificial gems. The industry that deals in these items is collectively known as the "jewelry industry." And jewelry usually has the following three characteristics.


1. Beautiful

As the name implies, the first essential meaning of jewelry must be beautiful, which may be manifested in brilliant color or transparent and clean texture, with special optical effect, or with special patterns or lines.


2. Durable

Take diamond for example, it is the hardest material in nature, jewelry is generally worth a lot of money, the buyer's expectation for it is relatively high, durable, can preserve the value or hereditary jewelry is the most popular, spend a penny, can harvest double or more times the value.



Rare things are precious, some common rocks, after pondering, also have a sense of beauty and design but can not be called jewelry, the reason is that the output is large, very easy to get, also lost its unique value.


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