The jewelry you wear says a lot about you
The jewelry you wear says a lot about you
The jewelry you wear says a lot about you

Clothes and jewelry are the voice of the heart, through a person wearing jewelry, can see her personality and psychology. Wearing diamond, Mosan stone, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, jade jade, reflects different personality and psychology.

Wear gold jewelry: Extroverted, confident people


A person who likes to wear gold rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces is usually an extrovert. Around the world, gold is a symbol of wealth, wearing gold on the body, indicating that the person must like wealth, bold pursuit of wealth, this person is likely to be an extrovert

People, people who don't want to be constrained, it's hard to see an introvert, people with low self-esteem will wear gold jewelry.

Wearing silver jewelry: in order

The person who wears silver jewelry is an orderly person, and in public, she is a strict orderly person; In the office, she likes to go by the book, doing things according to pre-established rules, and when a part of the process is not done well, she gets antsy.

It's hard to say why silver jewelry is so orderly,

It could be a psychologist's experience.

Like to wear jade: conservative traditional people

Jade is a kind of traditional cultural art in East Asian countries, which has cultural connotations. People who like to wear jadeite jade jewelry are more traditional in nature, and prefer to take care of their husband and children, and keep their profession and family.

In terms of communication with friends, people who like jadeite jade jewelry are very loyal to their friends, and do not like to stir up trouble. The disadvantage is that the inclusiveness is not enough, the communication circle is relatively narrow, and the idea of some new things and novelty is relatively antipathy, which makes them seem old-fashioned and outdated.

Love to wear diamonds: Happy people in love


Diamond is a symbol of happy love, diamond forever, a permanent spread of artistic conception deep in the people's hearts, usually wear diamonds, most of the people are happy love.

In recent years in the rise of a new gem - Mosan stone, with high fire color, high cost performance is loved by people all over the world, like to wear Mosan stone, is likely to be a live in reality, down-to-earth people, both the pursuit of life

Quality, and value the efficiency of life.

The jewelry a woman wears can reveal not only her hobbies and tastes, but also her personality, psychologists have concluded.

But this is a kind of experience summary only, HAVE no scientific basis, have certain reference value, USE to GUIDE behavior to be careful.

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