Take Care of Your Barong and Your Barong Takes Care of You.
Take Care of Your Barong and Your Barong Takes Care of You.
if your destination has some provisions for you to do some quick ironing, simply flatten out any travel-caused wrinkles following the ironing tips mentioned above.

Wear It On Without Wearing It Out

The first step of taking care of a Barong? Make sure it fits. Yes, the first step of maintenance begins upon purchasing your barong. When buying off the shelf, make sure you pick the size that is closest to yours and if needed, have it adjusted for that perfect fit. Naturally, going for custom-made is best, as the cut and fit will literally be tailored to your needs. This will prevent the seams from being over stressed and help keep the Barong great looking for a long time.

It does not stop here however. The Filipinos are a hardy race, and so is the barong. Behind that fragile looking fabric is a formal wear designed to last for years -and while the cut will certainly stay the same, us ever-changing humans certainly do not. Maybe we’ll finish working on our quads and start having more upper body days -or maybe something else. Regardless of the cause, the human body changes, and with that comes the need to occasionally make sure that our Barongs changes and evolves with us. This goes double if you have a favorite, make sure to have it fitted and adjusted as needed so that it is always ready.