Securing Bob wig
Securing Bob wig
Using different methods to secure your bob wig.

How To Secure Your Human Hair Bob Wig

 Most clients feel pretty secure wearing their wig alone without any undergarments. But we are aware that many of you desire a little extra security when wearing your bob wig. Here are some fantastic ways to increase the security of your bob wig.


Wig Caps

Use the wig cap below your wig to prevent it from sliding or moving while keeping it clean or collecting your hair as it falls out. This works whether you have your own hair or not.


Wig Grip Band

This is the most widely used method of securing your wig. Wear it underneath any wig, scarf, or hat to keep it secure. Look for the band where one side of the double-sided crushed velvet material adheres to your wig or head covering while the other grips your hair or skin. Choose a band with an adjustable Velcro closure in the back that is very comfortable to wear. It works regardless of whether you have your own hair or not. 


Metal Wig Clips

To keep your wig firmly in place, sew it into the inside of it and then clip it into your own hair. This method requires your own hair to use.


Bobby Pins

Do you need to add a little extra security to your wig? Consider lifting up some of the hair and inserting a few straight bobby pins into your own hair while also going through the wig's wefts. Additionally, you may use pins around your temples and throughout the wig's perimeter. It requires your own hair!


Double-Sided Tape

Use it to secure if you feel like your wig is moving while you are hairless. If you don't need the entire piece of tape, cut a piece in half and place it inside your choice's wig. Perfect to use in areas where you do not have hair.


For women with no hair who need a light, extra layer of security for their wig, glue is ideal. It is a mild roll-on body adhesive that is water-soluble and stain-free. It is highly flexible and conforms to your skin. Perfect to use in areas where you do not have hair.



You can fasten your bob wig using any technique, according to the occasion, the environment, and your likeness. Selecting the top wig shop is always advantageous to you. They'll be selling wigs and a variety of accessories. If you ever need to choose from various wigs, including bob wigs, visit