Promotion of vintage jewelry in jewelrykg
Promotion of vintage jewelry in jewelrykg
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Promotion of vintage jewelry in jewelrykg

The word "vintage" means "recent antique", which refers to a state that is neither antique, but very close to antique, and each piece of vintage jewelry reflects the cultural characteristics of different periods. Uniform standards, style design, technology level, cultural connotation, promotion, and other aspects of work, Vintage will be a new high-grade image in jewelrykg strong launch, occupy the first opportunity.

How can we make Vintage jewelry stand out in the marketing of jewelrykg and attract consumers' attention?

1. Strengthen the publicity

Along with the huge growth space, the promotion channels of vintage jewelry are getting richer and richer, both "white" and "ashen collectors" can express their views on vintage jewelry, and realize the integration of all parties' opinions across space. In recent years, the luxury market at home and abroad has become more and more open, and more and more people want to understand the vintage culture, so the whole vintage jewelry market realizes that the group and the main body of communication grow together during this period, jewelrykg can promote through a variety of innovative marketing methods to find potential consumers.

2. Improve service professionalism and experience

Perfectly protect the rights and interests of consumers, through the "identification + sale" model, to achieve the simultaneous development of transactions and after-sales service. Comprehensively control the whole transaction process and improve the transparency of the whole transaction process. Improve the online after-sales service mechanism, timely solve the user's return and dispute problems, so as to enhance the user experience and form a word-of-mouth effect, and gradually complete the transformation of "quality, light price.

3. Improve user viscosity and conversion rate

At present, whether it is a comprehensive trading platform with large user volume or a small e-commerce platform with transaction volume, we should focus on improving user activity and transaction conversion rate and repurchase rate, the high viscosity of loyal customers to make jewelrykg virtuous cycle development.


40% of consumers will try to buy the products they recommend after watching the videos of web celebrities on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube; 74% will search for information on the use of the product on social media before buying. Social platforms themselves are actively responding to this trend by integrating big data, which can collect the shopping needs and preferences of different consumers, and Wholesale jewelry can provide accurate push services for different consumer groups.