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Precious Metal Reviews
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Gold Broker Reviews

Gold broker Reviews:

Fabrice Drouin Ristori founded Gold Broker; he began investing in valuable metals in 2008 and opened up his own company for material investments. The company’s philosophy is to offer an investment that helps clients return to having tangible assets. Besides having virtual ownership, they want to minimize the risk by creating a “gold ownership service” that removes exposure to intermediate risks.

The claim of 99.5% purity:

They guarantee that the precious metals purchased here have at least 99.5% purity. Valuable metals you buy here are stored in a vault in either New York, Singapore, or anywhere else. Each purchase comforts you with insurance, full-name ownership, and direct access to the vault. In addition, you can pick up your gold in person if needed or have it delivered to you through an insured shipping service.

They have one of the slimmest selections of gold we have seen. With under 13 types of gold in either bars or coins ranging from $1,700 – to $50,000, you can buy reasonably significant from them. In addition, they offer all domestic orders for free shipping, so you can enjoy not paying anything if you want your package delivered to your store. Storage fees for vaults are always an additional cost that directly depends on the number of valuable metals you own in the vault. You can view fee charts, but most range from 1% – to 1.5%.

Suitable for 1st-time investors???

There aren’t as many customer reviews about them as some of their competitors, but they still receive an A+ rating from the BBB. The feedback many said that it is an excellent place to purchase from if you’re a first-time investor. Their team is professional and stays with customers every step to ensure they know what they are about to have. Flawless, trustworthy, smooth, and experienced can describe buying from them.

Best for colossal investment:

If someone is looking to invest a few coins here and there for a few hundred dollars, Gold Broker is not your company. Suppose you are about to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and decide to purchase and store your valuable metals in one of their vaults. However, if you are serious about investing in gold, people recommend looking into Gold Broker. They are not creating hype of a massive selection of different coins or bars from other countries, so you are going for quality and value here more than anything else. We notice the loyalty we see from their customers and see it as a sign of trustworthiness.

History and Owner:

The company fabric Drouin Ristori founded the company. He graduated from a Business School in France and is now a French investor.

He moved to Malta after he graduated. He got into online games with some companies, which he sold soon.

He started his own company named FDR Capital Ltd., which was a private investment company. That was his first step to success, and it was his first leap toward his current successful company. 

There were ordinarily other competitors at that time, but what made him stand out from the rest as it was different to offer to investors.

Other investment companies had nothing like him, and that’s why the company was far ahead in this line.

In his company, they are given the solution to deposit precious metals in your own name without worrying about the intermediation risks. It still remains one of the companies that offer direct storage services.

Gold Broker Products and Services

Gold Broker provides gold and silver in the shape of bars and coins. Moreover, which provides storage services, as well as IRAs.

New York, Toronto, Zurich, and Singapore Freeport are the four storage locations. Malca-Amitis, the partner of the company.

You can check out the company’s rates with one click.

How does it work?

Their website is straightforward to navigate and so very easy to understand.

The first step in investing in the company is to make an online account and carry on with the investment. Investing in the website is as easy as one two three, but there are four small and simple steps.

Can you sell it back to them?

Yes, definitely. If you are thinking reselling your precious metals back to the company is possible, you are cent percent right; you can sell them back to the company.

They will take away their 1% of the commission with a minimum of $70 if you decide to resell your valuable metals that are stored in your name.

However, if you want to resell it in the form of coins, the company will buy it for 1% to 11% above the real price, and yessss no commission is included in it.

If someone wants to sell it back in coin form, take very good care of it carefully as they are valuable and maintain them in their best condition. Because this is the reason why is the percentage will vary according to the condition of your treasure

Best metals products and services are here!

The ratings and reviews of Gold Broker are as under:

·         BBB – Not rated

·         Yellow Pages – No ratings

·         Trustpilot – 4.7/5 based only on 32 reviews

Gold Broker lacks in ratings and reviews. Even though it is listed in BBB and Yellow Pages, but the company is not even rated.

This is a downside considering that other precious metal companies have good ratings and reviews online.

Pros and Cons


·         Good products

·         Has IRA services

·         The website contains helpful information

·         Has storage services


·         Lacks ratings and reviews

·         Not BBB accredited

Is it a scam?

Let’s conclude this article with my final verdict.

After Looking at the company’s years, it’s enough to say that it is legit. However, it will definitely not last for these many years as if it was a scam.

If you are the type of investor who prefers a company with good ratings and reviews online, Gold Broker may not pass for you. But always keep digging for the sake of your investments.


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