Must Have Dresses & Jumpsuits in 2022
Must Have Dresses & Jumpsuits in 2022
Vero Moda can help you make your wardrobe more exciting with the above fashion statements.

Have you given your wardrobe the 2022 makeover yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Now is the time, ladies. Your fashion game this year has to be a level up. 

This is the year of dresses and jumpsuits, and to help you up to your style quotient, we have curated a special guide for you all. Below is a list of the must-have dresses and jumpsuits for women in 2022. Grab these beauties to ace the race.


The names say it all. Having a maxi, midi, and mini dress is a must and at least one of each. For those of you who are new to these concepts, let me enlighten you. 

A maxi dress is a floor-length touchdown dress that covers every bit of the legs and is an essential for no-shave days. On the other hand, a mini dress is a short, close-fitting dress that is a few inches above the knees, and it has a fun vibe to it. And in between the maxi and mini, we have the midi dress. A midi dress falls below the knee but ends above the ankles, usually hitting the mid-calf. It has been hitting the runways and making a comeback. 

A black mini dress should be sitting in every woman’s wardrobe, and it is perfect for lunch, parties, dinners or dates. Coming to midi, go for a semi-formal midi dress for versatile accessibility. It fits for casual events, and it is a perk for your work as well. Now, for a maxi dress, go for a neutral subdued tone, and you’re good to go for most outings. 


The shift dress is suitable for all body types. It drops down straight from the shoulders with darts at the bust and is free-flowing at the bottom with maximum ease and comfort. It was said that the women could easily shift around in the dress, and hence the name shift dress was coined. This dress is typically shapeless and has plenty of room for movement. 

The shift dress has minimal detailing, and it is the perfect example of a simple and elegant fashion statement. Additionally, it offers flexibility and can be worn at most event types. What’s better than an outfit that offers comfort and style at the same time? Buy your shift dress now. 


One-shoulder necklines appeal to the eye and add a fun and flirtatious edge to the attire. At the same time, if styled aptly, they can also be carried well in a formal space. To keep it balanced, you must go for a one-shoulder jumpsuit. The neckline will flatter and compliment the convenience the jumpsuit offers. Additionally, you can buy a tight waist jumpsuit if you want to define your waist. But 2022 calls for dramatic necklines and defining jumpsuits. Get your hands on them to start your lookbook. 

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