Men Chukka Boots
Men Chukka Boots
A classic suede desert boot in a camel shade or a modern-sleek leather chukka in crisp black color, there is a plethora of styles to match your attire!

Buying Guide & How To Style

Chukka boots are classic style boots, ideal for the winter season. These shoes are formulated to add a certain amount of style and comfort at the same time. Chukka boots became very popular in the 1940s through the 1060s as casual wear. This highly popular men’s footwear can be worn with suits and casual outfits.

How to Style Chukka Boots?

With the evolution of fashion, chukka boots are transformed into modern style and become super flexible and versatile. In this article, we have collected some incredible styling methods to pair your modern-day chukka boots with different ensembles and flaunt your look.

Casual occasions

Wearing casual chukka boots designed with suede leather can make any of your casual ensembles stand out. Casual-style boots exude smart vibes and can be paired with almost any colored attire to hit your casual events such as social celebrations, brunches, and hangouts. To make a wow fashion statement, coordinate beige colored chukkas with your black attire and stun the crowd.


Smart casual occasions
All the urban men know that the trend of lace-ups and brogues is timeless, and so are chukka boots. A pair of black leather chukkas coordinated with a crew neck t-shirt and a stunning blazer will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can style up your grey chukka boots with a blue denim jacket, cargo pants and a dark-colored fedora to make a fashion quotient. Want to attend a winter soiree? Style your brown chukka boots with a long brown trench coat and enter into the arena to entice the entire crowd.

Business casual occasions

Chukka boots can be worn on business occasions as well. A crisp black suit coordinated with sheer-finished black chukka boots will radiate debonair vibes to fascinate your colleagues. Buying Guide to Chukka Boots With a huge variety of chukka boots available in the market, it is hard to differentiate between real and faux chukka boots. If you want to buy a classic pair of chukkas, look for the ones made with leather outsole. Still confused? Well, no worries! We are going to brief you a precise and crystal-clear research conducted by footwear historian, June Swann. This will surely help you in buying real chukka boots:

·         Chukkas are lace-up ankle boots that reach to the ankle.

·         These boots don’t have more than three eyelets.

·         Chukka boots were traditionally made from calf suede leather

·         These boots have a round toe style

·         Thin outsole with open lacing structure

·         Chukkas are unlined

·         Outsoles were originally constructed with premium leather


Chukka Boot vs Desert Boots

Often shoemakers use the term ‘dessert boots’ as an alternative to chukka boots. However, there is a difference between the two. Desert boots are a kind of chukka boots. Due to variations in design and material, we can say that not all chukka boots are dessert boots, but all the dessert boots are chukkas. Chukka boots are high ankles with no more than three eyelets. On contrary, desert boots are designed with a lightweight leather and rubberized outsoles. Desert boots are ideal for a number of casual occasions. If you want to achieve a perfect formal look to ace your business occasions, consider Glatt burnished chukka boots bathed in exquisite burgundy shade. This classic design is rendered in premium calf leather and high-grade rubber soles that exude class and elegance. A few changes in the design can make a huge difference between each pair of chukkas. However, it is suggested to choose the ones that compliment your style and preferences.