Ladies Khussa Shoes Online | Borjan
Ladies Khussa Shoes Online | Borjan
Borjan offers their customers the highest quality men’s and women’s shoes in Pakistan. We have the highest quality shoes for men and women available to buy online. Borjan also offers an amazing collection of bags and accessories online. Grab everything you need from Borjan to handle both your Fashion and Comfort needs.

What is Borjan?

Borjan is one of the best Khussa shoes and footwear brands in Pakistan, always doing its best to match the high quality and amazing comfort that our customers have come to expect from them. Borjan manages to do all this at amazing affordability for all their customers, so their wallet can remain happy as well. While Borjan is known best for its high quality footwear, they also offer a variety of other products such as back packs, Jewellery, earrings and much more, all easily perusable and buyable from their online store in Pakistan. Borjan is one of the leading shoe brands in Pakistan due to the fact that they are always striving to meet high standards of quality their customers need.

Buy Ladies Khussa Online In Pakistan

Women Khussa


Even when not considering the other various products they offer, the range of footwear Borjan has for its customers has incredible diversity by itself, with an amazing range in every collection and type of footwear possible. Their offerings include different shoes for all categories such as different ages and genders, with items for both formal wear and casual wear. Everything you could possibly need for your feet is available from Borjan, in stores and online.

Ladies Khussa:

Among some of Borjan’s best selling and highest quality products are their amazing collections of Ladies Khussa that flawlessly combine style, fashion, comfort, and affordability all into one small package. All their Khussa designs adhere to, are inspired by, and keep in track with the traditional ideas and designs of Khussa shoes, making sure that proper respect is paid to our cultural footwear. Their khussas for women come in a variety of styles and designs. However, each of these designs keep in mind a careful combination of the style and comfort that Borjan has come to be known for.

Fashion and Style:

The ladies khussa by Borjan comes in a variety of colors as well, ranging from bold and bright to muted and kind of dark, depending on what you need. The khussa for girls that Borjan offers comes in a wide range of playful designs and colors so you can buy a pair for every season, every mood, and every occasion. The comfort offered by these khussa shoes is also almost unbeatable and unmatchable by any other brand within Pakistan. Every pair feels like a pillow on your feet and is perfectly designed to fit your needs. You will forget you are even wearing any women’s khussa to start with.

Online Availability:

Borjan allows its customers to buy from its amazing women’s khussa collections with ease from their online store in Pakistan. So, buy ladies and girls khussa online from Borjan today and get our amazing pairs delivered straight to your house. Peruse Borjan’s amazing collection on their site where you can easily filter through your desired categories, sizes and even colors. With Borjan you will never be left wanting.