Jewelrykg's business analysis
Jewelrykg's business analysis
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Jewelrykg's business analysis

Light asset entrepreneurship is the first choice of many people, and jewelry just happens to be the necessity of life for the vast majority of girls who love beauty, so light asset entrepreneurship projects in the jewelry category are often the first choice of girls, both to fit their own and crowd precision. We can often see a lot of successful jewelry people on the network, they have a monthly income of more than ten thousand, seemingly very simple. So, you are also excited to start but soon failed. Why would so many people fail? Jewelrykg made the following points to summarize.

First, no original intention

What is your initial intention? Are there a hundred setbacks, that also do not change the original intention of determination?

Are you treating this as a career, or just testing the waters?

If you just blindly follow the wind, are feverish, do not love, and do not want to think deeply, then why the opportunity to choose you?

Second, no planning

Impulsive start, no planning, easy to lead to.

1, positioning is not clear

The product style is not uniform, no basis for pricing, and the customer base is not accurate

2, the use of funds is not in place

Costs are not controlled, too much stockpiling, unbalanced income and expenditure

3No sales strategy

Activities can not do, promotions without copies, customers do not buy

Third, no summary

The correct principle of doing things is to have problems, face them, solve them, sort them out, summarize them and make changes.

Jewelrykg as a cross-border e-commerce operation, rational analysis of the rest of the industry's shortcomings, from the selection, shooting, operation, communication, after-sales, and other aspects of the gap, repeatedly figure out, do not learn not to enrich themselves actually a regression.


Wholesale jewelry product material covers all kinds of metal acrylic, drip rubber, feathers, soft pottery, pearls, and so on, in the jewelry business is more concerned about texture, refinement, experience and whether it is more suitable for the workplace, attentive to protect product quality, in order to be loved by customers, decorated in the body, healing in the heart, please welcome to come in to choose!