Interesting designs in jewelry
Interesting designs in jewelry
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Interesting designs in jewelry

Large-size, colorful, shaped, jewelrykg opened a new trend!

Have you noticed that since last year, the fashion element of popular jewelry has quietly undergone some changes? Synthetic stones were originally applied in popular jewelry, mostly in the form of embellishments, but now the size generally began to increase, in the overall design, there is a kind of anti-patronage. Cuts are also no longer limited to round shapes. Princess squares, pear shapes, and horse-eye shapes, which were originally used in high-end diamond products, are also used in these synthetic stones.

Even the most recent models are set with synthetic zirconia in the traditional four-claw setting originally used for diamond jewelry, with no other decoration or shape, the main character is the synthetic cubic zirconia.

The design trend that is now present in the popular jewelry scene is a logical one for high-end jewelry. Because of the scarcity of natural stones, so the stones should be large, and other metals only exist to complement the stones. Then as for the original style of popular jewelry, it is still mainly based on metal material to present the product shape, and zircon is just to embellish and add points.


The design of Wholesale jewelry is becoming more and more interesting, and consumers' styles tend to be personalized and diversified, which is a benefit for niche brands with specific styles Jewelry makes changes quickly according to the seasonal jewelry trends to find value and deliver value. We are constantly pushing the envelope to give you the best experience!