How to Make Your Filipiniana Wedding Dress Rock: Wedding Dress Ideas
How to Make Your Filipiniana Wedding Dress Rock: Wedding Dress Ideas
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Beautiful Women Filipinina Gowns And Dresses

Looking for a wedding dress on your special day can be overwhelming. You might want to shop
all the dresses you see in every boutique you pass by, or you might be undecided on what you
want to wear as so many options are laid out for you. And when it comes to Filipiniana Wedding
Dresses, there is no doubt that there are several unique styles that you can try. So if you are
looking for a modern filipiniana dress that fits your taste and budget, check out the list below.

A Simple Mestiza Gown

A Simple Mestiza Gown
Shine like a true aristocrat on your wedding day with this champagne Mestiza gown with a lace
applique design on the upper top. In addition, it is specially made from chiffon fabric, making it
lightweight and highly breathable to wear. And as this chiffon gown has an elegant color and
design, there is no doubt that you will be the star on your special day.

The Maria Clara Filipiniana Gown

The Maria Clara Filipiniana Gown

When you want to go for a baro at saya style, go for this Filipiniana Gown so you can turn heads
during your wedding. This feminine and well-executed wedding gown would keep you elegant
all night long. With the matching alampay, it will bring out a timeless look in a modern wedding

Modernized Mestiza Barong Dress

Modernized Mestiza Barong Dress
Gone are the days when women used to wear long wedding dresses. So go out of the ordinary
and have a custom-made filipiniana dress on your wedding day. This Mestiza Barong dress will
give you a striking bride look where traditional and modern styles are put into a barong wedding
dress. So enjoy your civil wedding wearing a fashionable mestiza gown.

Custom Pina-Organza Barong Dress

Custom Pina-Organza Barong Dress
Embrace modernized fashion with this another barong style dress that is perfect for your
wedding day! This simple-cut custom bridal dress will suit your taste if you are a laid-back bride.
With simple clothing made from a pina-organza fabric, you would even wear it to your post-
wedding party. Wearing this custom-made girl barong dress would make your minimalist bridal
gown come true.

Formal Midi Embroidered Dress

Formal Midi Embroidered Dress
Filipino Traditional Dresses are expected to be long, extravagant and massive. With the ever-
changing trend in the fashion industry, many traditional wedding gowns are modernized and
styled to perfection. So if you are up to a mini dress for your civil wedding, you can go for this
formal dress so you can rock your ceremony to the fullest.

Simple Yet Classy Formal Gown

Simple yet Classy Formal Gown
Plain and simple, these are what best describe this wedding dress. With this simple yet classy
spaghetti-strapped formal gown, you will look stunning and sophisticated while walking down
the aisle. To add a Filipino touch, pair this with a kimona or mestiza bolero to make it the perfect
modernized Filipino wedding dress.

Indeed, there are a lot of modern filipiniana dresses that you can choose from boutiques and
online stores. It is up to you what style you want your dress to look like or whether you want it
ready-made or not. Well, the final decision is up to you.

So if your wedding day is near and you want to look modest and elegant, let Barong R Us help
you choose the best and most stylish gown you will wear on your wedding day. We have a
collection of high-quality Filipiniana dresses, gowns, and sets handmade by our skilled people. If
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