Difference Between Wholesale Jewelry Or Jewelry Retail
Difference Between Wholesale Jewelry Or Jewelry Retail
differences Between Wholesale Jewelry Or Jewelry Retail

Difference Between Wholesale Jewelry Or Jewelry Retail

If you're a jewelry lover with a limited budget, you will struggle between wholesale jewelry or jewelry retail? In this blog, I want to talk about the difference between the two. Until then, we should know the definition of both.

What is wholesale jewelry?

Wholesale jewelry refers to the large number of goods directly from manufacturers or sellers and then resell them to other enterprises.

 What is retail jewelry?

In contrast, jewelry retail is a business of selling small amounts of goods to the public for use or consumption, not for resale.

Difference between wholesale jewelry or jewelry retail

1.Different transaction quantity and frequency: wholesalers have large trading volume and low trading frequency; retailers are generally sporadic transactions with very high frequency.

2.Different service objects: wholesalers take reseller and producers as service objects; retailers take end consumers (individuals or collective) as service objects.

3. Different positions in the circulation process: wholesalers are at the starting point and the intermediate link of the circulation process; and retailers are at the end of the circulation process.

Which one should I choose?

As someone who needs a lot of jewelry to match clothes, I highly recommend wholesale jewelry. This is my many experiences after buying jewelry from Jewelrykg (a jewelry wholesale website featuring jewelry sold by kilo). This is also the popular jewelry sales model in recent years.

I think the following conditions are suitable for you to choose wholesale:

You are a resale retailer

You want a lower unit price

You want to purchase a certain amount of jewelry for friends or family

Suitable for your retail reasons:

You have enough budget

You are uncertain about the quality of the jewelry and want to choose specifically

You just want a small amount of jewelry

Reliable wholesale jewelry website

As I mentioned above for Jewelrykg. If you choose to use their jewelry sold by kilo mode, you will have the following experience:

· Many promotional activities

· High quality. The products are by no means inferior, and every product has its integrity.

· Rich product line and the product styles per kilo are diversified.

· All the products sold by kilo have independent packages.

· Complete after-sales system.

· The products are sent in random styles and full of surprises.