Difference Between Concealer And A Colour Corrector
Difference Between Concealer And A Colour Corrector
Concealers and color correctors have become an important part of our makeup kits. They work like a magic wand to conceal the imperfections and discoloration on our faces. But how do concealers and color correctors actually differ from each other? Read this article to find out.

Concealers and color correctors are major cosmetic products that help in covering imperfections on your skin. Both of these have similar functions, but they cannot be used interchangeably. Correctors are always applied under concealer, thus giving your skin a neutral palette. After applying concealer, it lightens and balances out the unnatural tone of the corrector. This helps you in giving a flawless look. However, the main difference between the two cosmetic products, is that a concealer palette is always flesh-colored, while correctors come in colors like yellow, orange, pink, green, purple, and others.

What is a concealer?

Concealer helps to cover up imperfections on your skin like masking dark circles, zits, age spots, pores, and visible blemishes. It can make the skin appear more uniform in color. Concealers are thicker than foundations and can hide different pigmentation. It can be used either with a foundation or alone. But 9f using both products, the foundation should be applied first. Concealers, just like foundations, come in a variety of shades, that can match your requirement. But the golden rule here is, that you should always choose a concealer palette that is one shade lighter than your skin tone or your foundation. Usually, concealers with yellow undertones can cover dark circles and those with purple undertones work best for brightening sallow complexions. However, concealers of the highest quality may sometimes not be useful to mask dark spots, especially in the eye area, which is delicate. In such cases, color correctors are used.

What is a color corrector?

Color correctors can conceal skin imperfections. They have the same function as concealers but are more effective. A color corrector palette uses complementary colors to cancel out skin discoloration and is mostly available in orange, peach, lavender, and green. For concealing any redness on the skin, green correctors are used, since the color green cancels out the red. Orange and peach correctors are mostly used for the under-eye area, while yellow correctors are the best for masking age spots, hyperpigmentation, and blue and green bruises. Color correctors are very effective for brightening under-eye darkness, which regular concealers cannot fully lighten. When using the corrector for dark circles, it is applied in the inner corner space between the eye and the bridge of the nose. 

Difference between concealer and color corrector

  • Definition: Concealer helps to cover up imperfections on your skin while a color corrector is a product that uses complementary colors to cancel out skin imperfections and discolorations.

  • Color: Concealers are always flesh-colored as they are supposed to match your skin tone. A color-correcting palette will have different colors, mostly orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, and salmon.

  • Function: Concealers can conceal any flaws while the colors from a color corrector palette only neutralize the effect of the flaw, thus helping to better conceal the problem area.

  • Order of use: The color corrector is applied before the concealer.

The bottom line

Concealers are products that help to cover up imperfections on your skin, whereas color-correcting palettes are products that use complementary colors that cancel out the skin discoloration. The main difference between the two of them is that the former is flesh-colored and color correctors are available in a variety of colors like green, peach, purple, and orange. 

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