Better Than Flowers: Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts
Better Than Flowers: Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts
Let's take a look at some of the Valentine's Day presents we've received over the years: Nothing (boo), jewels (yay! ), supper (yum! ), and a massage (yay! ).

Let's take a look at some of the Valentine's Day presents we've received over the years: Nothing (boo), jewels (yay! ), supper (yum! ), and a massage (yay! ). Is it fair that he has three back-to-back holidays that compel him to buy you a present? Sure! But if he only knew that the finest gift he could purchase for you is modest, inexpensive, and sure to make you jump for delight. You might be wondering what that amazing gift is. Simple. Products for the skin.  

Whether you're dating, in love with yourself, or simply enjoying Valentine's Day with your friends, nothing beats fresh makeup, skincare, or even hair tools to make the day extra memorable.  


Cheeky Rose Cream Blush by Winky Lux  

What's the source of your cheeks' pink glow? Is it the additional endorphins after a late-night tryst? Maybe it's this incredibly creamy blush that gives you a Disney-esque flush?  

Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set by rongji jewelry  

Combine two wonderful gifts: roses and cosmetic brushes. The five-piece set is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast, but with a stronger focus on beauty. 

Hot Lips Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury  

This lipstick gives your lips a lovely, plumped appearance with ease. It's ideal for wearing on a date or when updating your dating profile with selfies.  

Heart Melter Lip Gloss Stick by Kaja  

These heart-shaped gloss sticks help plump up your lips if they're in need of a boost. They're easy to take in an overnight bag, so you can reapply in the morning and claim, "I woke up like this."  

Orgasm Glow Travel Size Set by NARS  

This aspirational blush set comes in a handy travel compact. Whether you want a cream or powder finish, you can wear NARS' favorite blush in whichever way you like.  

Sol Sunlight Body Oil by Costa Brazil  

V-Day is the ideal opportunity to flaunt some skin. But who in February has sparkling, mini-skirt-ready legs? This ultra-hydrating, faintly sparkly body oil is the quickest remedy.  

Nolita Eau de Parfum by Bond No. 9 New York  

If your plan for the evening is to engage in some close-contact cuddling, you'll want to make sure you smell nice. With notes of tangerine, rose, and sandalwood, this lip-laden bottle will not only put you in the mood, but it will also put your date in the mood.  

The Texture Tonic by Tatcha  

Every inch of your body has been cleaned, buffed, and shined, but what about your face? A gentle combination of AHAs and niacinamide will give you even, smooth skin that is easy to peck.  

HYDRO-HEARTS by Starface  

It's exciting to get an unexpected visitor in the form of a new romantic partner. Is it in the shape of a pimple? Not at all. However, your flare-up won't upset your plans, thanks to these candy heart-inspired acne patches. They're not only useful for shrinking and soothing pimples, but they're also fashionable.  

Stone Diffuser by Vitruvi  

If you're planning on inviting a particular someone into your home for V-Day, make sure the aroma is uplifting rather than nasty. Mix in the Mixed Feelings essential oil combination, which comprises bay laurel, cardamom, and ginger notes. This diffuser is both functional and beautiful, ensuring that your apartment smells like a spa rather than last night's takeout.  

Eye Pods Eyeshadow Trio by Westman Atelier  

These heart-stamped eyeshadows can generate a beauty look to fit your seduction strategy, whether it's fierce, sweet, or casual.  

Pout Perfecting Lip Mask by BioRepublic  

Prepare your lips for puckering with these kiss-shaped lip sheet masks, which provide all the hydration you'll need for a smooth make-out session.  

Rose Above It Pearlescent CBD Bath Soak by Homebody  

What's the one thing that isn't sexy? Stress. This CBD-infused bath soak will help you relax and unwind while also leaving your skin feeling soft and silky.  



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