Barong Tagalog for Different Occasions
Barong Tagalog for Different Occasions
There are many factors to consider when wearing a barong Tagalog… but at the end of the day, you just have to feel comfortable and enjoy the moment while you’re wearing it. If you’re looking to custom-fit your barong Tagalog, BarongsRUs is here to help!

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When it comes to choosing when to wear your barong Tagalogs, we’re pretty sure men out there are a little bit confused if it’s the perfect piece to wear to such an occasion. Should you wear a barong to a baptism? To a birthday? To attend a political friend’s evening party? To your ex’s wedding, perhaps?

Despite common knowledge, we all know that a barong Tagalog won’t fit every event you’re going to. Which is why in this post, we’re going to share with you some different outfit options that will match your specific event such as weddings, evening dinners, birthday parties or baptism. Check out the barong Tagalogs for different occasions:

BARONG #1: A Black Organza Barong

Black Organza Barong

The black organza barong is one of the most popular choices when it comes to the Tagalog traditional clothes. It creates a clean and elegant look that will require no further style adjustments. It is suitable for any type of occasion, even if it is not celebration-related. A monochromatic black organza with embroidery will look perfect on you if you want a modern twist on this traditional Tagalog garment. Additionally, the pattern of this barong makes you stand out in any gathering. It is both practical and comfortable for the wearer. Also, it is ideal for different occasions, whether formal or casual. A black organza makes it look more modern than its counterparts.

BARONG #2: Classic White Barong Tagalog 

Classic White Barong Tagalog

If you want to go for the “traditional” look, then go for a white barong tagalog. The white barong fits in well with most formal events, whether you’re wearing it in the office, a party or during a wedding. The color white makes it easy to pair with classic pieces such as with black pants or slacks, and black shoes for a clean look. Wearing a classic white barongTagalog will provide a distinguished and respectable look in any occasion.

BARONG #3: Colored Barong Tagalog

Colored Barong Tagalog

One interesting thing about wearing a barong Tagalog is that you can opt for a colored piece if it’s your preference, or if the theme allows for it. You can choose to wear a colorful Jusilyn barong since this type of fabric is made from silk and synthetic materials, making the barong durable and elegant. There will be certain times when you don’t want to stick with a white or black barong just because you’re happy with a colorful piece so a colored Jusilyn barong would be the most fitting solution for that.



Barongs used to be reserved only for formal occasions, but now they can be seen almost in every occasion! Globally recognized as a symbol of Filipino culture, this formal attire is most commonly worn by men (and women) during traditional fiestas and other special occasions. Traditionally woven from pandan leaves and leaves of banana tree, barongs were originally crafted with beads in the design of roosters (a popular motif among past generations). Today, it is common to see intricate designs on modern barong Tagalog pieces like what we have here at BarongsRUs.

While we’ve already discussed this in another blog post, it’s good to rehash some information that might help you in keeping your barongs in tip top shape: 

Barong Tagalog

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  • Select the perfect fit for you. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the proper fit is everything. You can’t just wear whatever barong is at your disposal as long as you can fit in it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move much, or the excess fabric will keep getting in the way.
  • Choose an undershirt that matches your barong. Nothing fashion faux pas than by wearing a red shirt underneath a white translucent barong. Barongs are made with breathable and translucent fabrics such as abaca, cocoon, jusi, and piña which means that what you wear under your barong is visible, and that’s why it should be put into consideration when you’re dressing up.
  • Feel comfortable with your barong. We all know that a barong is just a piece of clothing you wear to an event, but if you’re not comfortable with it, the whole event goes down with you. So you have to keep in mind that you need to be able to breathe, relax, enjoy and have fun in your barong Tagalog.

There are many factors to consider when wearing a barong Tagalog… but at the end of the day, you just have to feel comfortable and enjoy the moment while you’re wearing it. If you’re looking to custom-fit your barong Tagalog, BarongsRUs is here to help!