Agate Stone or Hakik Stone: Meaning, Symbolism And Uses
Agate Stone or Hakik Stone: Meaning, Symbolism And Uses
The agate gemstone is a familiar semi-precious variety of chalcedony with very similar physical possessions to quartz minerals. It’s seen all over the globe and usually can be found in the recesses of eruptive gemstones.

Allowing gemstones into your life offers you the freedom and ability to explore the religious realm and understand yourself pleasingly. But before you can harness crystals to your advantage, you must take a look at the history of each gemstone and what it signifies. Knowing where the gemstone reaches from is vital for using it later on. Let us have a look at agate and its history, present, and future. 


All About Agate Gemstone or Hakik Stone


The agate gemstone is a familiar semi-precious variety of chalcedony with very similar physical possessions to quartz minerals. It’s seen all over the globe and usually can be found in the recesses of eruptive gemstones.  


This rock is smoothly identifiable because of its stripe-like bands. It can be located in many patterns and shades that are not only incredibly beautiful but also incredibly helpful. This type of gemstone is commonly used for home decor and jewelry, and when put on a show in the sunlight, the light shines through the translucent bands and appears to sparkle. 


Here are some of the most common healing properties associated with agate:


  • Balancing energy 

  • Providing stamina

  • Aiding in astral travel

  • Helps memory

  • Provides emotional security 


Meaning Of The Agate Stone


Agate is known for its protective properties. It helps you anchor yourself to the earth and allows you to feel balanced and centered. It also allows you to slow down and focus on loving yourself and seeing the beauty in the world. You’ll get a broader perspective on anything that may be going on in your life, and you’ll be able to see any situation as it truly is, both the pros and the cons.


         If you are looking to enter a new chapter of your life, Natural Hakik is the right stone for you. It makes any transition smoother and more manageable. You’ll be able to enter into new things with confidence that they will go the way they’re supposed to. Cynical people will also benefit from agate once they let the energy from this stone in. To fully understand the meaning of this stone, we have to look at its origins and how it was used centuries ago. 


Historical Context Of Agate


Agate’s name comes from where it was first discovered in the Achates River in Sicily. History tells us that agate was often carved into art pieces and jewelry like amulets. It was also used in the Greek and Egyptian empires because of its beneficial properties. One king of Pontus had a prized collection of bowls made of agate. Word of this spread to other countries, and it soon became popular in Russia and the Middle East. Agate stone honors the Roman goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, a healer who protects women through their lives. Agate also honors Gaia, the Greek mother goddess, who was born out of Chaos and is regarded as Earth itself in mythology. 


                  In the German town of Idar-Oberstein, agate was traditionally cut and cleaned by artisans. This specific area has worked with the stone since the 1400s and is known for its craftsmanship and skills. Agate found in other places was often shipped to this town to be cut and fashioned. In Islamic culture, agate was worn by prophets, and in Babylonian cities, it was used for strength in breastplates. Agate is able to protect you against adverse energy, and many think that this gemstone can balance your personal yin-yang vitality. 


Ancient Usage


In old times, agate stone, also known as Sulemani Hakik Stone, was supposed to quench hunger when put in people’s mouths and defend against fevers. Some Persians even thought that it warded off hurricanes and natural disasters. In some cultures, agate gemstone was thought to be the remedy for scorpion bites or snakes. People used to put this gemstone at the head of their bed to have nice dreams, thanks to its calming features. 


                   Agate gemstone is remarked to have a behavioral impact on people: it can make you calmer and was even assumed to provide the wearer the favor of the gods. Charms made from eye agate used to be worn to shield the wearer from the effect of the evil eye and let them be expectant. Amulets of agate stones are still worn often today for travels protection and other support. 


Symbolism Of Agate Stone


Agate gemstone brings plenty of things into your life, which is especially genuine when it arrives in your finances and associations. When you are able to perform with agate’s energy, it will help your decision-making and mental acuity. Agate stone is related to brilliant ideas and optimistic thinking too. This crystal signifies harmony and rebalance. This implies you will feel again in concentration and analytical capabilities. The delicate power of agate authorizes you to feel relaxed and secure wherever you are. 


Agate stone is closely linked with the Third Eye and Crown chakra. It’s also connected to the Virgo and Gemini zodiac signs. Agate harmonizes with the earth part and it is regarded as the birthstone of September Month. People who prefer Agate can usually catch both sides of the coin. They grow to be easy-going and delighted at the same time. They’re also fast, witty thinkers, and this gemstone only helps to obtain those points.


Agate:- Birthstone of May

According to ayurvedic science Agate or Hakik is the birthstone of May month. However, modern science prescribes the gorgeous green emerald as the birthstone for this month. You can Find Your Perfect Birthstone by Month.

Some Of The Benefits Of Agate Gemstone


Since there are so numerous types of agate gemstones, let’s talk about the benefits of some of them. 


  • White agate gemstone is used during pregnancy to save the mother and the baby.

  • Moss agate gemstone is worn to gain victory and wealth in any facet of life. 

  • Blue Lace agate gemstone is known for its capability to deliver peace and stability. 

  • Fire agate stone is worn for times when you need to glimpse inside yourself and analyze your intentions. 

  • Dendritic agate gemstone emotionally helps you so that you can be robust during times of scrabble.

  • Laguna agate gemstone is a great choice for stimulating senses and enriching your accuracy. 


In general, agate gemstone is known for its capability to encourage maturity and composure. It prevents you from choosing things that aren’t required and enables you to multitask easily. It can also be helpful for young children as they learn to walk. 

Buy Sulemani Hakik Stone Online

Agate gemstone is suitable for artists to wear or operate because of its capability to stabilize their imagination. Putting this gemstone on your abdomen boosts your digestive system and reduces gastritis. It helps your uterus, intestines, and eyes. Agate gemstone is worn on the chest to boost the muscles there and heal the emotional trauma in the heart. 

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