5 Interesting Facts to Know About Gel Extensions
5 Interesting Facts to Know About Gel Extensions
Gel extensions are gaining popularity because they offer a way to add volume to the nails. They also add beauty and elegance to the nails. For this reason, they are the most popular, and most women love to have them on. However, not everyone understands everything associated with using gel extension. So, I have discussed five facts to know about gel extensions. Please read!

What is a Gel Extension? 


Gel nail extensions are hard gels that we add to our nails for more length and beauty. It involves putting hard gel on a natural nail and setting it with UV light. The manicurist uses a nail form, like a sticker that goes under the nail tip to make the nail longer. 

Gel extensions combine the best parts of press-on nails and acrylic nails. They are as strong and long-lasting as acrylic nails and safe and easy to take off as press-on nails. Gel nail extensions don't use any chemicals, so you and the person doing the work are safe.


Also, it's very long-lasting, they last between 4 and 6 weeks. However, the lifespan can be reduced due to activities. Moreover, keep alcohol away from your nails because it will weaken them over time. 

Further, clean your nails often and get a manicure every two weeks to get the best results. Since the gel is hard, you can't soak your nails in acetone to take it off. So, you might end up visiting the salon because you need a nail drill to take it off before you can dip it in acetone. 

5 Facts to Know About Gel Extensions 


You Can't Do It Alone 


Since fixing gel extensions is technical, fixing them yourself is not advisable. You should instead visit a nail technician in the salon. So, your gel extensions can be done with the right tools and appropriately. 


The technician prepares your nails by filing your natural nails. Then, they apply a dehydrator to make the nails harder for the extensions. After this, your nails are ready for the extension installation.


There are several styles and colors to choose from, even pre-colored nails. Nonetheless, your nail technician works based on your preference. 

The technician uses a square gel brush to apply it to the original nail and the gel extension's base. Then, they put it on the nail, ensuring that it snugs against the cuticle. To secure the nail, they place your hand in a UV light bulb for a minute. Further, when it's time for removal, it's best to visit the nail technician. Your gel extensions can be removed with ease, leaving no damage to your nails. 

Gel Extensions are Expensive and Stressful 


Unlike regular nails, gel extensions are way more expensive. Since they last longer and look more beautiful, we expect them to cost more. They cost about 20% more than the regular nails. 


Aside from being expensive, gel extensions take more time, about 1 to 2 hours. The reason is that the nail technician must not rush the process to get a desirable result. So, keep in mind that gel extensions will cost you time and money before fixing them.


However, a skilled technician can get your extensions done in less than one hour. But it could take an average nail technician 2 hours to get it done. Also, other factors that contribute to the cost and time are the length and shape you chose. 

They Last for About Four Weeks 



Since gel extensions are hard, their lifespan could make us forget we fixed them. They usually last about three to four weeks, depending on the maintenance. If you use your nails more often for hectic work, your nails will wear out sooner.


If they last for the estimated weeks, it's time for a new one. The reason is that your nails would have grown longer. Therefore, it starts to leave spaces between your cuticle and the extension. So, you can decide to remove or fill them. 

Further, the longevity of your gel extensions depends on the nail technician. Your extensions would last longer if you did it with a professional nail technician. However, longevity could be reduced if you hire the service of a novice or an average technician. 

Gel Extensions Need More Retouch During Summer 


Summer is the hottest of all the seasons, and research shows that nails grow faster in sunlight. During summer, there's more daylight, and we get exposed to it more than before. The reason is that the body produces more vitamin D, enhancing nail growth. Also, people take more water during summer due to dehydration. 

When our nails start growing, it's essential to retouch our extensions. This ensures that the new nails blend with the pre-painted ones. 

They Could Make Your Nails Weak 


Gel extensions could ruin your nails and make them weak. However, you should worry less if you get your extensions done by a pro with quality products. Left to you, follow every instruction that your technician gives after fixing. 




Gel extensions are beautiful, and they attract many people. However, not everyone understands everything about these extensions. These five facts about gel extensions are enough information, and we hope it helps.