3 Essentials to Bring to Your Next Intramural Game
3 Essentials to Bring to Your Next Intramural Game
Intramural games are all about adding fun and excitement to your fitness routine. It’s never a bad idea to come prepared, so make sure you have the right women’s or men’s basketball shoes, warmup tools and a good attitude. With these essentials on your checklist, you will be prepared and ready to make new friends and dominate your next game.

Are you feeling a little tired of the same gym routine? Joining an intramural league is an excellent way to have fun and make friends while keeping up with your fitness goals. There is a wide variety of different games, so chances are you can find the best one that suits you and your fitness goals. But there are some dos and don’ts to the intramural world and you want to make sure you’re prepared before you play. So set your favorite bright street sneakers aside, grab a pair of workout or running shoes and bring these essentials to optimize your intramural experience.

Have Apparel and Footwear to Keep Up with Your Game

While your favorite lifestyle women’s or men’s basketball shoes keep you looking fly out in the streets, you want to make sure you have a dedicated pair of athletic shoes for your specific intramural activity. You can also cut down on the risk of injury and cushion your feet during hard landings with the right pair of trainers. In many cases, you can’t go wrong with a premium pair of traditional running shoes with traction control. The best running shoes will offer cushioning support to help reduce impact while also keeping you cool and comfortable during the most intense intramural games.

Don’t forget about your activewear either. Be sure to stock up on performance shirts, gym shorts, athletic leggings and other sporty essentials with sweat-wicking fabric. This way, you’ll stay cool and dry and will look the part too.

Bring Warmup Equipment

You should always show up to your games with the proper attire and extra water to keep you hydrated as you play. But what about your warmup routine? Whether you’re a professional or an intramural athlete, it’s crucial to warm up before hitting the field or the hardwood. That’s why you should have a routine along with the right tools to help get your body primed for the game. Bring along a foam roller and resistance bands so you can limber up and be at your best.

Make Sure You Have a Good Attitude

Intramurals can get hyper-competitive, which is all part of the fun and excitement. However, it can be easy to get upset when the game isn’t going your way and no one likes losing. But nobody likes a poor sport either and it’s important to remember you aren’t playing for much more than the joy of the game. Be sure to keep your cool and remember that it’s all about having a good time while you exercise. While you want to maintain your competitive edge, make sure to bring a smile and a good attitude to every game. This makes intramurals more fun for everyone and you might even perform better.

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