10 Unique Varieties of Best Selling Wedding Rings for your Partners
10 Unique Varieties of Best Selling Wedding Rings for your Partners
Check the varieties of best selling wedding rings for your life partner.

The tradition of wearing engagement ceremony rings is as older as of the theory of wedding itself. The ring shape is an exceptional mark of love between infinite two persons and a symbol of long-term loyalty for each other. The principle of an engagement ring has not changed much from the advanced times. However, the style and patterns have certainly become many designers today. In the below context, we shall see the best selling wedding ring designs preferred by many couples in the newest styles that'd help men and women pick the perfect one that fits your connection. So, get ready to woo your spouse with a present of perennial love.

How to Choose the Most Stylish Ring

Considering the multitude of styles and ornaments that look classier, it's quite challenging to select the perfect one. Therefore, undermentioned tips must be identified in your selection procedure:

  1. Choose rings with your partner - Engagement rings can be similar to each other or of a different style within the same thread.


  1. Planning budget together – Depending on a budget of purchasing an engagement ring to buy, it is important to plan diligently. 

Popular Designs of Wedding Rings

  1. Antique wedding rings – Some rings that never go out of style are the wedding rings of simple designs like bands twirling around each other and having vintage impressions. Broader bands are preferred more to create a stunning heavy look that is very attractive.
  1. Micro-paved diamond rings – Keeping in mind the high-class society, they would not hesitate to purchase a costly wedding ring. So, paving into their requirements is the micro paved diamond ring with numerous diamonds clinging to each other secured in the form of a band as a whole.
  1. Cushion-cut wedding rings – A hollow cut to the band and attaching the diamond stud by uplifting the entire look is the most common and evergreen style of designing a wedding ring. It explicits a bold look and never goes out of fashion.
  1. Platinum eternity band with round cut diamond – A platinum band designed to hold a diamond intact is the specialty of this wedding ring. It is in fashion and looked upon with utmost brilliance. A channel setting is the most sought-after exhibition for such types of rings.

  2. Made to Order - In today's times, customization is the latest trend. Getting initials engraved or names embossed is one of the ways to personalize your engagement ring. Fingerprints sculpted onto the wedding rings is also one of the unique styles to design them.

  3. Wrapped in complete gold – This is the most traditional type of design in an Indian wedding crafted out of pure gold, starting from the band to the upper design. Yellow gold has molded into the fine art of sculpturing.

  4. Silver carved wedding rings – Adding traditional cravings to one's wedding ring, silver wedding rings reflect a couple's love. It is simple yet fascinating.

  5. Designer ladies ring – Very rare and unique, such designer rings are expensive, and it has exclusively made for the lucky lady. The magnificence of such designs outshine wherever you go, and some designs can be like a few strings of diamonds wrapping around a big ruby diamond.

  6. Two-tone wedding rings – A two-tone engagement ring comprises two precious stones like gold and diamond together. Designs have specifically chosen to outlay the features of both metals. White gold has often used with diamonds. It symbolizes promises made to one's partner.

  7. Sapphire and Ruby studded rings – Not only diamonds and gold have taken as the first choice by people choosing their wedding rings, but other gemstones also add up beauty to one's fingers. A fusion of these colorful stones with gold, silver, or platinum can sparkle an array of euphoria in one's heart.


No doubt engagement rings are an exquisite way of showing love and affection to your partner, and it very well connects you to them. Giving a perfect meaning to your marriage, a ring definitely must be chosen with the heart and soul and be very special to the couple. Considering the above-varied designs, one can choose wisely amongst the best-selling wedding rings in the market.