The Masonic Eye
The Masonic Eye
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The Masonic Eye

The Masonic Eye is an emblematic portrayal of the Eye of God. It addresses God’s watchfulness over the Universe and his consideration of the universe.

The Masonic Eye or The All Seeing Eye has been utilized by different developments previously.

Egyptians and Hebrews: 

The Egyptians and the Hebrews began utilizing the image of the Masonic Eye because of allegorical thinking from the individuals who imagined that the Eye was an image of God’s All Seeing capacity. The hand was viewed as an image of devotion, the arm was viewed as an image of solidarity and the human foot was viewed as an image of quickness.

The Bible contains some verses that talk more about God’s eye.

In Psalm 34:15, the LORD says, “The righteous are in his sight, and his ears are open to their cry.”

(Psalm 121:4), “It shall not sleep nor slumber upon him who watched over Israel.”

There is also a little entry in the Book of discussion of God with Moses on Mount Sinai. Moreover, the book was deciphered by Reverend W. Cureton and distributed by the Philobiblon Society of London.

In the entry, Moses inquired as to whether He rests or not. Also, God let him know that He won’t ever rest. God advised Moses to top off some water and He made Moses rest. Moses rested and some water tumbled from his hand and the water spilled on the ground.

At the point when Moses woke up, God let Moses know that assuming He rested and quit looking after the Universe, the Universe will come to destroy and obliteration the same way some water fell while Moses dozed.

Osiris, the Egyptian God:

Osiris was the main god of the Egyptians. He was addressed by the image of an open eye. Hieroglyphics containing this image of Osiris were put all around their sanctuaries.

The representative name of Osiris was put on landmarks and addressed by the eye put by a high position. Once in a while, the abridged figure of a divine being was added to the image. The entire portrayal was once in a while called an ax or a portrayal of a square.

In Proverbs 15:3, The All-Seeing Eye of God is described by King Solomon.

Proverbs 15:3,’ says, The LORD’s eyes are everywhere, seeing both the good and the evil.’

The Creator, the Master Architect of the Universe has no start and no closure. He has consistently existed and He will consistently exist. He is Omnipresent (wherever at an at once) (limitless power).

Every inch of the Universe is under the eye of the Masonic Eye of God.

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