PRP Treatment
PRP Treatment
PRP treatment which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a non-surgical procedure.

The lockdown opened most of us up to trying new things, we failed at some and won at others. But when it comes to our skin and hair, winning is the only way we want to go. However, this isn’t the case most of the times. We try skincare and hair care products to improve our skin and hair quality, but sometimes rather than doing us good, they make the situation even worse. When it comes to taking prescribed medicines, we rarely wish to go that way. So what should we really do?

Luxurious hair, glowing skin, NO side effects. Sounds like a dream, huh? Well, it isn’t if you know about PRP treatments. PRP has become one of the most famous cosmetic treatments soon after the time it stepped into the medical world. From big celebrities to dermats themselves, it has been a fan favorite since the past couple of years. Is it because of the no side effects part or there is something more to this? Let’s take a look one of the best prp treatment in delhi!


PRP for Face

PRP treatment which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a non-surgical procedure. When it comes to our face, it is designed for people with fine superficial lines, open pores, lost facial volume and a reduced skin texture. The treatment also goes by the name of PRP facial. Platelet and plasma are the two major components of our blood. Our body’s healing process involves new cell growth which is a cause of the hormones contained in platelets. 

The treatment seeks to rejuvenate the skin by providing a natural glow and shine through the use of your own blood platelets/cells to stimulate new collagen production. The increased collagen production in turn tightens open pores, reduces fine lines and gives you a healthy and flawless looking skin.

Since the treatment uses your own blood to improve your skin condition, it is really safe and effective. There are no side effects and hence, you shouldn’t worry whether or not it’s the right thing for your skin!

How is a PRP facial done?

Seems like a complex and a quite scary process. Doesn’t it? Well let’s see how it actually works.

  • The first and the foremost step is applying a skin numbing cream to the areas which are going to be injected.
  • Depending upon the area to be treated, a certain volume of blood is taken out. This volume usually ranges between 10 to 30 ml.
  • The blood is then centrifuged for 15-20 minutes.
  • The centrifugal procedure involves separating the platelet rich plasma from the haemoglobin.
  • After separation, the plasma is injected into the skin of the treatment area.
  • This procedure normally takes around 1-1.5 hours.
  • For visibly good results, 3-4 sessions are required at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

When should I get PRP Facial?

One of the major advantages of the treatment is that it doesn’t have any side effects since its your own blood. Apart from that, it is not limited to anyone. Hence, anybody who is wishing to get any of these results can give it a try.

·         Reduced pore size

·         Even skin tone

·         Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

·         Treatment of sun damage

·         Reduced hyper pigmentation

·         Improved acne scars


After the procedure, the patient can have mild swelling or redness for a few hours. There is no pain and hence the patient can get back to his/her routine activities soon after the treatment ends. Also, the treatment is not surgical, your skin will look naturally flawless and it won’t seem like you have anything artificial done to it.


PRP for Hair

The term “Platelet-rich plasma” suggests that platelets are more concentrated in PRP than in regular blood. But do you know why? Higher concentration of platelets is useful as platelets secrete growth factors which are thought to assist in wound healing and tissue regrowth.

What about PRP for hair? When it comes to hair loss, the blood is drawn from the scalp and then put into a centrifuge which separates it into different layers. Only the platelet-rich plasma is taken and injected into the scalp for it to reach the bottom of the hair follicle. It stimulates specialized cells named dermal papilla cells, which play a vital role in hair growth.

Are there any risks associated with PRP treatment for hair?

Since PRP therapy involves injecting your own blood into your scalp, the risk factors are low. However, unlike PRP facial, PRP for hair may involve certain risks like-

-          Injury caused to blood vessels or nerves

-          Calcification at the injection points

-          Scar tissue

-          Negative reaction to the anaesthetic used in the therapy

Before jumping into getting a hair loss treatment using PRP done, make sure you consult your doctor regarding all the possible risks associated depending upon your health condition. In our clinic Prp treatment cost in delhi is very reasonable compare to other clinics.

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