Jewelry Care Guide
Jewelry  Care Guide
Jewelry Care Guide

1.  Put jewellery on after you put your clothes on. Remove jewellery first before undressing or removing makeup. Doing this will ensure that the jewellery doesn't get caught by the clothing or get in contact with chemicals (e.g.: perfume, skincare products, makeup, etc.) that may affect the metal or plating of the jewellery.


2.  Clean your jewellery before storing.  Sweat and other chemical substances that come in contact with the skin (e.g.: perfume, skincare products, room sprays, etc.) can change the colour of the metal and dull the shine. It is important that before putting your jewellery away, you rinse or wipe the jewellery pieces with lukewarm and clean water and store them in concealed places. Ideally, store your jewellery in a jewellery box with multiple slots or store them separately in boxes to avoid scratching. If you do not have a jewellery box, you can also store each individual piece / pair of jewellery in a concealed zip bag (sandwich bag) to prevent oxidisation.


3. Dry your hands before handling any piece of jewellery to prevent any chemical substances coming into contact with it.


4. Remove your jewellery before showering, swimming, going to a spa, or any excessive exercising.


5. The best way to store jewellery is by keeping them separately in jewellery boxes, cotton or velvet pouches to prevent them breaking, tangling, scratching or tarnishing. You can also hang the necklaces vertically on hooks so that they are separate from each other. 


6. When travelling or carrying your jewellery around, use a jewellery organiser to protect your treasures from any knocks. Jewelrykgoffers a wide array of jewelry at low prices, ranging from classic everyday pieces such as chain necklaces and gold bangles to unique novelty items .


7. Sterling silver can oxidise or tarnish overtime. Lightly tarnished silver can be cleaned with a silver polish cloth. Use a mild liquid silver cleaner for heavily tarnished pieces. Alternatively, you can create a mild cleaning liquid using lukewarm water and gentle detergent. Clean your jewellery gently using a soft toothbrush. Rinse and dry well, store away properly. 


8. For silver plated diamante jewellery, we recommend that you store them in the jewellery boxes and pouches we provide and store in a dry and not humid place. Humidity in air can cause tarnishing over time and it can be difficult to clean the metal with embellished diamantes. 


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