How to take pictures with your jewelry
How to take pictures with your jewelry
take photos with your jewelry

How to take pictures with your jewelry

How to take pictures with your jewelry


It's believed that many girls will have different types of jewelry in their rooms, but most girls don't know how to take photos to look good when wearing the jewelry. A good photo is equivalent to the front door of the product, which will directly determine whether your jewelry will be seen by many people. In that case, without further go,go straight into todays theme!Today I will work with you to disassemble these 8 positions and scenes, and there will never be a bad film, each piece is very film.


Posture 1: Hold all kinds of cups and clap the upper body

Scene construction: clothes should not be too fancy, holding or holding a cup, take the upper body of the whole picture.

Suitable products: rings, necklaces


Posture 2: grip gesture display accessories

Scene construction: Gestures must be to grasp or hold small items such as cosmetics, rings or jewelry should be diverse, conditional girls can do a nail.

Applicable products: bracelet, ring, necklace


Posture 3: Holding coffee

Scene construction: the pose of holding the coffee, and holding the coffee to one side and photographing the lower body, to highlight the accessories worn on the hand.


Posture 4: selfie with the mirror

Scene construction: you can take a single hand or two hands or half of the body, the exit part needs to wear a ring, bracelet or necklace, as far as possible to enrich the accessories.

Applicable products: rings, bracelets, necklaces


Posture 5: Touch your ear and lift your hair

Scene construction: clothes color elements, the hair can be tied up, the hands should be naturally lifted up, the head and half of the body occupy half of the space of the picture, and the hand curved surface occupies the other half of the space.

Applicable products: Earrings, rings, bracelets


Posture 6: hand on the chest pat the upper body

Scene construction: it is best to choose a low collar and dew neck, you can choose the front or oblique 15 degree Angle to shoot the upper body, the hand is naturally placed on the chest or shoulder position.

Applicable products: necklace, ring  

Posture 7: Hand to the wall

Scene construction: the hand must be coated with nail polish, open to the wall three-dimensional shooting, the hand occupies three-quarters of the picture space, the ring collocation should be rich.

Suitable products: Ring


Posture 8: Grasp all kinds of cosmetics and perfume

Scene construction: for cosmetics, it is best to be a well-known brand, and the hand needs to paint nail polish, and the surrounding area can be placed with some hair accessories or home small things to increase the sense of atmosphere.

Applicable products: ring, bracelet 

The above eight positions can let us wear the beautiful jewelry both in spring, summer, autumn and winter! If you want to get affordable and advanced ring bracelets and earrings, do not prevent in the wholesale jewelry on the kilograms selling this website to see, will certainly find the unique jewelry you like, on the jewelrykg more can let you buy a lot of favorite jewelry at the same time oh!