How To Choose A Bridal Towel Set
How To Choose A Bridal Towel Set
Don't choose just any bath and hand towels from the local department store when you can buy bath towels online

How To Choose A Bridal Towel Set

No house is complete without a nice set of home lines, especially a super-soft, beautiful collection of towels. For a new couple looking to start a life together, these basics add comfort and elevate the joy of living together.

Don't choose just any bath and hand towels from the local department store when you can buy bath towels online. You will find a greater variety of colors, sizes, and designs, as well as a higher quality. A home linen store or a store that only stocks towel collections are more focused on the source and fabrication of the material used in a towel. The resulting pieces are far more durable, plush, and absorbent than towels you'll find in a retail chain store.

Let’s get started. If you want to buy a new set of towels for your new home with your intended, or looking to create a pretty linen gift basket for a couple-to-be, here's how you can choose the suitable towels.

Building A Towel Set For The Bride & Groom

When it comes to towels for a new couple, you should get a complete set. This includes:

-         A matching set of bath towels

Bath towels are an essential part of a bridal towel set. For colors, we recommend choosing colors that go with the bathroom's interior. If you are gifting a set of towels and unsure what color you should get, whites and pastels are always a classy choice. The color red is a traditional choice for home linens for a bride. Additionally, you can get the bride's favorite color!

Tip: A monogrammed set of bath towels is a personal touch to any new couple's home. You can buy pre-monogrammed “His” and “Hers” towels, or better yet, place a custom order for bath towels with the couple’s initials.

When choosing the size of bath towels, bigger is better. Oversized towels are the epitome of luxury. There's nothing as frustrating after a bath as a towel that won't envelop you properly--so always choose a bigger size, preferably something over 60 x 130 cm. You can also choose a bath sheet instead, but know that this will cost you more. Plus, bath sheets may require more maintenance.

When picking the material and weight of a bridal gift towel, choose the best quality you can get. Fine combed cotton offers good absorption and thread durability. A 100% cotton towel is gentle on the skin compared to mixed fabric towels.  

A high GSM (i.e., the weight of the towel) is a great choice, preferably somewhere between 500 to 900 GSM. Towels with this weight are denser and plushier and deliver a spa-like experience at home—perfect for post-shower or bath comfort. Also, high-GSM bath towels last long in terms of softness and absorption. In other words, luxury bath towels deliver the most value than any ordinary bath towel.

-         A pair of bathrobes

Some say towels are enough to dry off; we say that you need something more. When it comes to towel sets, a couple deserves the best. What is better than luxurious bathrobes?

Bathrobes work well after a quick shower before a date night or a party for the newlyweds. These are perfect to lounge around while putting on makeup and hairstyling. A bathrobe is also a fine addition to a weekend TLC ritual for a new bride.

Bathrobes are incredibly relaxing for cooler climates and the winter season. A high-GSM, premium material bathrobe offers unmatched warmth and coziness. Make sure to choose the right size. Go for customized size option if available. If not, and you have to choose from a standard size range, go for a size larger than your measurement.

Also, like bath towels, you can get bathrobes monogrammed with the bride and groom’s initials to add that special finishing touch.


-         A few hand towels

Next, in a bridal towel set are hand towels. These towels are possibly the most hardworking members of the towel set. Most people pay the least attention to the quality of hand towels when choosing towel sets.

That’s a mistake; while you do not use hand towels as extensively as a bath towel,  these are useful for other everyday hygiene needs. A premium hand towel facilitates excellent absorption, helps keep the skin smooth, and does not wear out fast. We recommend picking a combed cotton towel no less than 300 GSM.

For a newlywed towel set, you can get a few hand towels. Choose a couple of towels in the same or complementing color as the bath towels. You can stop here or go for one more hand towel for a guest bathroom and another for kitchen use.


-         A couple of face towels

We often ignore face towels when buying a towel set, but these play a vital role in enhancing the elegance of a bridal towel set. Face towels should be a part of everyday use. Skincare experts recommend that you use separate towels to clean your face and hand to avoid the buildup of bacteria on your skin. In addition to this, it is also recommended you use a high-quality face towel. Your face is the most sensitive to fabric textures, and low-GSM, coarse towels can create microscopic abrasions that build up over time—thus deteriorating skin health and speeding up aging. A luxury face towel is the best investment for amazing skincare.

Like hand towels, buy face towels in a high GSM (300 and over). Make sure to choose colors that look pretty with the bath towels. You can go for the same color as the bath towel, pick a contrasting color, or a shade in the same color tone.

Ready To Shop For A Bridal Towel Set?

Now that you know the kind of towels you need and the quality you should get, create the perfect towel set for newlyweds! Always check the label on the towel or the product details on the store's website to see if you're getting the material and weight you desire. Pick your towels from one place so you can easily choose matching colors and designs for your set.