How should the jewelry be received
How should the jewelry be received
How should the jewelry be received

How should the jewelry be received

How should the jewelry be received


Believe that most girls from high school to the university continued to buy a lot of jewelry, very happy to buy, jewelry up is not easy, so today to share the storage experience of these years.


1.PE transparent storage box

Before seeing Ouyang Nana vlog planting grass, a hot big and small to buy a pile back, more suitable for go out to take, very convenient, but also more suitable for less jewelry sisters with, but I I miscellaneous things too much, home is not very convenient to use.

Advantages: anti-sitting and anti-oxidation, suitable for carrying out

Day shortcomings: take not convenient, occupy an area is not suitable for jewelry people use.


2.PVC storage bag

Most girls feel that receive the box is too sticky to the table position, sometimes in the school dormitory without too much place to place, so receive the bag may also be a more appropriate choice.

Advantages: dust and oxidation, open at a glance

shortcomings: take it is also very inconvenient to recognize and the pamphlet is not to close, even if the close is also more worried about the inside of the jewelry product pressure bad.


3.PVC storage bag

This bag is actually buying a pvc storage book as a gift, which is usually put in the bag and put into the brochure, but I prefer to use it alone, so I can also use it as a separate individual.

Advantages: cheap, really very cheap, and it is also dust-proof and oxidation prevention, storage up is also more convenient to find, also do not take a place and space, relatively speaking is a better choice.

Disadvantages: closure is general, put for a long time jewelry may still change color.


The above three points is I used so many times to summarize, of course, there may be other ways of receiving, everyone has suitable for yourself and their like to receive a way, I provide three points for reference only, when we sell in the way of jewelry to buy a lot of jewelry, so the third receive way is more suitable for us, to buy a lot of receive bag is also very cheap.


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