Good stuff-recommended earrings
Good stuff-recommended earrings
Good stuff-recommended earrings

Good stuff-recommended earrings

Good stuff-recommended earrings


The older the age, the more I feel that accessories are indispensable, a small accessories, if you can just match with the clothes, it is 1 1> 2, I really have no resistance to small accessories.


Girls go shopping when they like to go to that kind of jewelry store, or specially put the place of jewelry, all kinds of try on, I do not know whether only I am such?


The recommended earrings are very affordable, and I am not allergic to iron, so you with other requirements must be optimistic before placing an order.


1. Small antique earrings

I like traditional things very much, such as cultural and creative produced by various museums. I will browse from time to time. These small earrings are strong Chinese style. Divided into three-dimensional and single-sided, I started with three-dimensional, personal feeling with not heavy, at present I have not oxidized discoloration, there are earrings and ear clip, ear needle is silver needle.


2. Literary design of style earrings

This pair of earrings have no specific name, I followed a personal understanding, this earrings are suitable for more literary, ladylike style. It's about modifying the face shape, and I'm a square face, and I think it's a little effect.

In fact, how to say, I have always hated their face shape, trying to cover up with the hair, suddenly one day feel that this is also good, comb the hair, show the whole face, the whole person is very neat, although the face is really big. So as long as you like it, boldly try, maybe you can find another kind of beauty.


3. Retro exaggerated big circle earrings

I think I am a quiet little girl, but abnormal like very exaggerated types of ornaments, probably deep in my heart hidden a passionate soul.

Travel out, shopping is very suitable to take such earrings, with a shirt is really retro.


4. Morandi color gentle earrings

This type of earrings are more gentle wind, at first was bought to match my Hong Kong style shirt, but the earrings are not as big as imagined, but also good-looking, versatile.


At present, I recommend these kinds of earrings, of course, there may be many types that I have not found yet, but in our daily life, there are these four kinds of earrings are enough to match our daily clothes, and you can also match when traveling.


If you do not have a good purchase channel, I can recommend to you a website where I often buy earrings. It can buy many types of earrings at one time, which is a relatively convenient website. At the same time, it is also a wholesale jewelry selling by kilograms website, not only can let us like earrings to buy the favorite products, but also can be bought at an affordable price. This kind of wholesale jewelry can also be referred to as jewelrykg, interested partners can go to see oh!