A Comprehensive Guide to All You Need to Know About Starting a Business |3ecpa
A Comprehensive Guide to All You Need to Know About Starting a Business |3ecpa
A Comprehensive Guide to All You Need to Know About Starting a Business |3ecpa
There’s no better time for a company set up with 3E Accounting’s Indonesia Company Incorporation Services. This guide will tell you all you need to know about getting started. The demand for Indonesia Company Incorporation services to incorporate Indonesia company continues to accelerate. We at 3E Accounting, best Indonesia company incorporation consultants, understand why Indonesia is attracting so much corporate interest for business incorporation in Indonesia and we’d like to share our Indonesia incorporation expertise with you about Indonesia Company Registration Services and steps for incorporating Indonesia company. As a premier provider of Indonesia company incorporation services, we are in a unique position to offer you a FULL array of services at the most attractive prices and help you to incorporate company in Indonesia. Indonesia company incorporation services
Choosing Your Company Setup Entity
A Local Company (PT) in Indonesia allows only 100% local ownership. This means that the Company must be 100% own by local resident if you choose this entity. If you are planning to have foreign investor in the future, it is recommended to go for Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA) since the beginning to avoid spending extra cost engaging a Notary to amend/change your company status and your existing business licenses. company incorporation services in Indonesia

Information Required
  • PT PMA has minimum requirement for authorise capital and paid up capital;
  • The percentage of shareholders structure of PT PMA depends on the DNI;
  • PT PMA is regulated and monitored by the BKPM;
  • PT PMA is required to submit quarterly investment report to the BKPM.
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