What is it that makes RuneScape So Popular?
What is it that makes RuneScape So Popular?
RuneScape is among those games that any self-respecting player has at the very least had a glimpse of and most have played it at least once in their lives.

What is it that makes RuneScape So Popular?

RuneScape is among those games that any self-respecting player has at the very least had a glimpse of and most have played it at least once in their lives. The game that has stood the test of time many games, a game that's been around for over 18 years and is still in play certainly has something that draws players. Today, we'll look at the time to look at the main reasons RuneScape is so well-known.

Free to Play

RuneScape is free to play, which means you don't have to spend a lot of money or load yourself up with a monthly subscription to begin enjoying it. Although F2P games aren't the most extensive, however, there's enough of it available to get a feel for the game's features and this format is able to draw in players who could be interested. If you're a fan and are hooked, acquiring an account is the next step, and is not a risky investment that's not likely to make a profit.


One of the major advantages of RuneScape is that it doesn't require high-end hardware. It could be played on any PC with internet access, but with the release, the Old School RuneScape mobile OSRS is now available in the field. Jagex makes the commute more enjoyable since the year 2018!

Player Agency

The majority of current MMORPGs are simply RPGs in the name. Sometimes, you are compelled to do chores or complete tasks you were instructed to complete You are held in your hand for most of the time, and generally, RPGs are more annoying when it comes down to deciding. The truth is neither RS3 nor OSRS has any of those. Do you want you could be the kind of warrior who is able to kill only chickens in his entire rune? Sure. Do you want to become a wise mage, whose name alone can cause enemies to shake in fear? There's a complete Wilderness right on the other side of that tiny trench. If combat isn't your passion, you can be an accomplished craftsman and accomplish your goals by using your coin purse instead of an axe. The idea is that RuneScape doesn't place players in frame. You choose your own path and set the speed.

Questing and Skilling

One of the best aspects of the game is the fact that many abilities and items are linked together, which means you're never bored. This is also tied to player agency. You don't need to try grinding Theatre of Blood in OSRS to get items? There are ways to earn gold other ways or Buy OSRS Gold, and then buy the items you require through the Grand Exchange. Most items can be traded, meaning that there are many options for getting the item you're looking for.

Quests can be interesting and non-monotonic. They don't require long stretches with "kill 10 of the X" and "gather 15 of 15 of Y". Instead, they come with unique demands and rewards, and their captivating stories that are a perfect fit once you've completed a quest. Additionally, quests are more important: saving Prince Ali grants you access to free travel into Al Kharid, completing various goals in your diary allows you to travel the world as well as other things.

Skilling, the most tedious aspect of the game, is essential for certain quests can also provide rewards for XP gained in different skills. This cycle of grind-quest-grind-quest provides a more interesting approach to getting XP overall and makes quests feel even more rewarding. It's true that games that offer everything you need on a platter quickly lose interest.


The content is added constantly and added to RS3 as well as OSRS. In OSRS players have plenty of choices when it comes to the content to be updated. Polling is among the most creative features in OSRS. Another interesting thing is that the new content isn't just designed to be used in the final game. In fact, much of it, particularly for OSRS isn't. That means you won't have to be able to grind your abilities to 99 to play the game. Updates that affect lower to mid-level players mean that these players are finding more paths on their way to becoming the most effective. It also doesn't penalize the top players as most of the time they are able to complete the identical content at a much faster rate.