What are the Best Career Options after Graduation?
Gone would be the days when just a couple of career choices after graduation such as MBA were believed............

What are the Best Career Options after Graduation?

Gone would be the days when just a couple of career choices after graduation such as MBA were believed.

With the progress in the education & technology system, an array of career options are offered for pupils to pursue following graduation.

The conclusion of alliance is marked with just two types of feelings. 1 emotion is joy for crossing a landmark in your own life and the next emotion is stress, as you wonder what to do .

With the massive number of livelihood alternatives available nowadays, it's just natural that you're feeling overwhelmed and confused. But it does not need to be like that!

First of all, try to understand what your strong points are then start looking into what type of interests you might have. Whenever you've given sufficient thought about them both, read about the finest career choices after graduation from the listing given below.

Going through each of the choices will provide you a very clear idea on which ones to cross off the record and which ones could be shortlisted for additional introspection.

14 after graduation livelihood options that a recently graduate candidate could pursue in India are:

14 Greatest Career Options after Graduation

1. Digital Marketing

Digital advertising has entered the business world in a large way. This is only one of the very best career choices after graduation for people who like working on the internet.

Nowadays every organization wants a digital marketer to scale their gains. There's a massive demand in this subject and consequently a candidate may expect unlimited job opportunities.

A number of the greatest in-demand digital marketing and advertising job functions are SEO & SEM professional, Google Advertising specialist, Social media supervisor, content advertising director, and many others.

Here you may opt to decide on a full fledged PGD course in Digital advertising or you could also decide on a brief term 6 weeks course.

In an electronic advertising course, you'll be educated about the many instruments and techniques required by an electronic marketer to market a customer's business online.

This career field could be equally attractive to the business-minded, techies, and imaginative people. After conclusion of this PGD course in Digital advertising, someone could expect to make an average bundle of 3 to 6 lakhs per annum.

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Management courses is among the very best satisfied after graduation career alternatives for people who are interested in business, are searching for a career in business, or wish to start some of their own.

Unlike its counterpart MBA, PGDM course is much more upgraded and is sensible oriented. All of the newest advancement in the business world is represented from the PGDM program.

Furthermore, these kinds of professional courses could enhance the nature and thinking of a person and place them for achievement.

Various management functions are inhabited by a PGDM holder. Here you are able to elect for specializations such as Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Technology, Human resources, along with many others.

PGDM can supply you with an edge over the others in the challenging competitive job market.

This course is believed to create a single job-ready and industry-ready making it among the very best career choices after graduation. The course length of PGDM can vary from 1 per cent to two decades.


Among different career choices after graduation, PGDEMA can also be the one which you are able to opt for. PGDEMA stands for Post Graduation Diploma in Event Management and Activation.

Are you somebody who's great at organizing and planning?

Not many individuals out there are capable of going into particulars in coordinating a successful event. The capability to multi-task and be imaginative is demanded and may provide you with an increase in this livelihood line.

Opting for PGDEMA may be the beginning of a fantastic career and give you higher earning opportunities. Nowadays, with a higher disposable income, individuals are throwing large functions to stick out in society.

Obtaining accredited in event management may open many doors to you in this area.

This course could be accomplished by any grad individual. PGDEMA is a fulltime course of 1 year old.

4. MBA

Every specialty course is great, but only being technical may become a limitation occasionally.

An MBA grad is seen as the jack of all trades and master of none' that equates to getting unlimited opportunities to research after performing an MBA. MBA comes in various modules now. On the other hand, the most recognized one might be the 2-year fulltime course.

This is a superb career path for those that have strong business acumen. Individuals that are trying to find a practical oriented course, need to be job-ready and possess enormous opportunities should look into choosing an MBA.

You would have to clear some tests like CAT, GMAT, and other people to get into great institutes. The MBA program transforms individuals into professionals that understand how to deal with tasks, manage time, and communicate well.

Earning potential is high following the conclusion of an MBA from a reputed institute, making it among those top-rated career choices after graduation.

5. M. Tech

M.Tech is acceptable for those pupils that have a solid technical knowledge and need to obtain a deeper comprehension of the engineer topics.

Doing M.tech later B.tech can also be great from a professional perspective. Following M.tech, an individual gets enough vulnerability that may open up doors into managerial functions.

This course will allow to earn a bright career in the corporate businesses as engineers are constantly in demand in associations.

Obtaining a top-notch job gets a lot easier for engineers following conclusion of an M.Tech course. Furthermore, if corporate projects aren't what you're searching for and you've got academic interests within the discipline of engineering M.tech will make that possible.

Qualification of the course is B.Tech/B.E or MCA. Duration of two years is needed for the conclusion of the course.

6. Postgraduate Diploma course in Human Resource Management

This course was around for a little while and is a prestigious program that targets taking the comprehension of the HR area to another level.

The program promotes critical thinking among graduates and which makes them prepared to deal with the challenging scenarios in a corporate atmosphere.

The HR department oversees the most precious asset of any firm i.e. the workers. They must understand how to work for the progress of the company and the workers.

The course covers the basic functions into the advanced levels of HR Analytics, for example functionality categorization and reimbursement management.

Candidates who maintain the PG diploma in human resource management have a much better prospect of being used as Recruitment planner, HR director, HR adviser, and Senior HR officer. That's the reason why this one is thought of as one of the most helpful career choices after graduation.

7. Post Graduation in Hotel Management

A Post Graduation in Hotel Management is the ideal career path for people who are interested in the hospitality market.

This really is a fast-growth career route, in which promotions to second designations occur immediately. As a PG degree holder in Hotel Management, you might be expected to take care of nearly all of the sections of a hotel.

This can vary from appearing after the front desk into hiring new hotel staff.

As you advance you might also utilize a particular technical area including housekeeping, catering, culinary, front desk, along with many others. Considering that the hotel and tourism market is principally a people-based business, owning people skills is also in this lineup.

With commitment and hard work, an individual is able to quickly fix the designation of hotel managerial positions. Any graduate is qualified for this course and the course length ranges from 1 to 2 decades. Also, Know the benefits of getting Msc degree from the DY Patil Pune .

8. Mobile App Development

The world wide web has taken the world by storm along with a huge part of the populace is chiefly online through mobile devices.

This has changed businesses' and marketer's attention from the direction of launch mobile programs. This is a brand new and upcoming area of career where imagination meets technical understanding.

App development is an intelligent career choice and in case you've got an interest in the specialty you can be sure that it is possible to make a lot of cash through it also.

Just examine the amount of programs on phones and tablets now. There's a program for virtually every little and large need of individuals.

With a few useful abilities imbibed through mobile program development courses, you'll be on your way of getting a satisfying and satisfying career. Mobile user interface design, backend computing, cross-platform program development, along with other items are taught in these courses.

This could be one of the very best career choices after graduation for people with an interest in development and programming.

9. Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will come to our planet in a large way. Knowledge and skills in this subject may bring about a really bright career ahead.

An individual ought to get mathematical, programming, and statistical understanding for chasing Machine learning courses.

Machine studying will decrease the prevalence of human intervention in a variety of tasks which could be redundant and poisonous.

Some real life implications of machine learning may be observed in the kind of chatbots, search engine outcome refinement, video surveillance, etc..

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are called to touch virtually all of the industries of the market. Possessing relevant skills within this subject will allow you to acquire many job opportunities with higher salary packages.

You may opt for many kinds of machine learning courses; either short-term ones or long-term types (post-graduation programs) based on your own requirements.

10. Diploma in Computer Program

But if your interest lies in computer-related issues, computer program courses can end up being a fantastic career choice for you.

Here you may learn about Database management, Operating systems, MS Office, HTML, Internet programs and many others.

Computer knowledge is a highly desired skill in each area. You'll have lots of different career choices after finishing this course.

The computer program courses are often very distinct from one another. Thus, analyze carefully if an institution's course program aligns nicely with your requirements.

11. Chartered Accountant (CA)

If you're a trade student afterward chartered accountancy may be a fantastic career choice for you. It's a prestigious name and it also offers profitable monetary advantages.

Institute of Chartered Accountants conducts the CA exam. To become a CA one must pass three assessments namely IPCC, CPT, and CA.

The IPCC has two components. After passing the initial section, an individual has to make an application for articleship where he/she must operate with a CA for an interval of 2.5 decades.

After the successful conclusion of the part of IPCC and the conclusion of this articleship, the student can sit to the previous clearing examination i.e. the closing CA examination.

The closing CA exam also includes two segments. Following the conclusion of the 2 segments of this closing CA examination, an individual can begin writing the name CA before their title.

The eligibility to look for the CA examination is graduation together with a work experience of 2.5 decades. Complete length to become a CA is just 3 decades. The salary package of a CA can vary from 7-20 lakhs.

12. Stock Broking

Stockbroking is a superb career choice for a grad in India that is searching for a challenging and exciting career in his or her life. The minimum qualification required for this particular career route is a grad degree preferably with some expertise in almost any stock broking business.

The minimum age required to join a stockbroking company is 21 decades old. This business does not only supply the work of a stockbroker but in addition, it supplies many different tasks like financial partners, market experts, financial managers, and many others.

If a person truly wants to become a stockbroker they could elect for post graduate in economics or trade for a rewarding career in the stock exchange.

There is not especially any course specializing in becoming a stockbroker. But a background in business management, commerce, and economics can prove to be helpful.

13. Interior Designing Course

An interior designer is somebody who needs to study, plan, and organize projects that produces spaces utilized by individuals healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Interior designing may be an attractive career alternative for anybody that has a soul.

The minimum educational qualification to begin one's career within this subject is graduation. An interior designer selects the colours, light, and other decorative things to get a room to allow it to be beautiful yet practical. They mostly have to provide on the customer requirements.

Earning potential in this subject largely depends upon one's work prevalence. To use the name as a interior designer an individual might need to acquire some certificates and permits depending on the state law.

To begin a career in interior designing a fundamental knowledge and understanding about the area and the job is demanded. This may be acquired by opting for an inside designing course.

To create a solid career and get started earning a individual must gain as much technical knowledge as you can in this field by working under an experienced designer.

As an interior designer an individual can make about 50,000 rupees and much more per job. As mentioned before the earning capacity within this livelihood increases after a while of knowledge and work prevalence.

14. Civil Services

For people who wish to do some thing for the nation and possess a passion for this, they then will need to join the services. This is only one of the very profitable opportunities that people have nowadays.

It's possible to get within the machine and create the desired changes which you need to view in it also. This way you'll find the best chances to alter the system of this country which you're residing in.

Does not that look like this wonderful prospect? So why don't you sit to the civil services exams and establish something to the entire world.

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