Troubleshooting ESXi hosts | actsupport
Troubleshooting ESXi hosts | actsupport
vSphere is unique for everyone but there are few guidelines that you can follow effectively to troubleshoot your ESXi host. Follow the below general troubleshooting guidelines for ESXi:

To enable TSM from the DCUI

  1. Connect the DCUI of yourESXi host.
  2. Click F2 and type theusername and password and click Enter to proceed.
  3. Select TroubleshootingOptions.
  4. Click Enable ESXi shelland then Enter. The panel will show that ESXi Shell is enabled.
  5. Now, select the EnableSSH and click Enter to enable remote TSM via SSH, then click Enterand check the panel to confirm the changes.
  6. Configure the timeoutsection to ensure security. To activate the timeout, Click Modify ESXi ShellTimeout and add the desired time value. (Optional)
  7. To return to the main DCUIscreen, Click Esc three times.

Check the below steps to enable TSM from the security profile of yourVsphereclient: