Top Resources to Learn Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA)
Top Resources to Learn Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA)
Understanding and strengthening your foundations in data structures and algorithms is essential if you want to succeed in coding interviews with impending product-based organizations like the FAANG companies.

Top Resources to Learn Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA)

The foundation of software development is data structures and algorithms, which are efficient approaches to some programming challenges. As a software developer, understanding data structures and algorithms has always been one of the most important concepts to grasp.

Understanding and strengthening your foundations in data structures and algorithms is essential if you want to succeed in coding interviews with impending product-based organizations like the FAANG companies.


However, the best thing about understanding DSA is not that it will help you ace coding interviews; rather, it is that the concepts you will acquire will be a long-term career. In the long term, you'll boost your development career.


I'd like to share my three favorite resources for learning data structures and algorithms in this article.

  1. W3Schools - Data Structures & Algorithm Blog

The first resource on the list is a collection of blog posts at W3Schools, a well-liked free resource to start understanding the ideas.


I suggest it to individuals who are conversant in C++ at an intermediate to advanced level because the algorithms are primarily presented in this language.

It is entirely self-paced because it is a blog, so you may access it whenever you need a quick refresher. If you are unfamiliar with data structures and algorithms, this might not be the best place to start because the papers feel more like summaries or revision notes, like ones with in-depth explanations.

  1. Data Structures and Algorithm Certifications

Another great way to master DSA is to enroll in certification courses. Learnbay’s data structures and algorithms course is the popular platform trained by experienced tech leaders. In this training course, you will learn about queues, hash tables, stacks, and more DSA concepts. You will be introduced to standard algorithms like Kruskal's Algorithm and hashing algorithms even though this course primarily focuses on data structures. Beginners to experts will find the course to be easy and simple to follow.  So join the course, and learn DSA from basic to advanced to ace your interviews. 


A lifetime access to LMS and a certificate of completion recognized by the biggest names in technology are additional benefits of this course.

Additionally, they have forums where you can post questions. If you need assistance or have any questions while registering for the course, you can contact their one-on-one "doubt support" at any time for assistance. This service is available via chat, phone, and video chatting.

  1. GeeksforGeeks - Data Structures and Algorithms

We also have the Data Structures and Algorithms from GeeksforGeeks, which is definitely not the least. This is a recommended course of action for you if your goal is to work for a major IT company.


This course is taught in C++ and Java by a group of industry experts who are also some of India's most well-known and renowned teachers. Its curriculum is frequently changed to reflect new guidelines established by the sector. Since the course begins at the beginning, even complete beginners won't have any trouble following along.


 For instance, I really like how the instructor made asymptotic analysis easy to understand by using concrete examples and detailed step-by-step explanations! I also enjoy that it helps you develop into a skilled developer by offering many practice challenges based on questions from leading technology organizations like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. You can read supplemental materials and take exams to gauge your progress. 


What you will discover

  • From level one to level two, master DSA.

  • How to handle problems that develop in companies that depend on products

  • Identify and resolve issues with coding-related challenges for SDE jobs.

  • How to become a competent and successful developer

  • The real-world effort to apply DSA ideas (Sudoku Solver)


The perfect route might not exist for everyone, but it exists for you. I'm hoping this list will make it easier for you to select a few platforms where you may learn and establish the foundation for a future in programming. So join the Learnbay’s  Data structures algorithm and system design course, and become a certified programmer in MAANG companies.