The Habits That Will Help You Build a Strong Mindset for MPPSC Prelims
The Habits That Will Help You Build a Strong Mindset for MPPSC Prelims
be strong and don’t stuck in frustration while preparing for mppsc prelims exam, mppsc coaching in indore sharing some point to overcome such situations.

The Habits That Will Help You Build a Strong Mindset for MPPSC Prelims

Every day, it seems there are a thousand things pulling at our attention and energy – chapters left to revise, subjects we did not pay any attention to, test series which are dangling on our heads like those menacing daggers and of course the D-Date of the MPPSC Prelims.

What routines can we practice to overcome these unwanted apprehensions, thwart uncertainties and remain focused for the next month and a half ? 


# 1. Take 3 minutes every morning and focus on 3 things you are deeply grateful for and 3 that you strive to accomplish in life.

Think big - don't think about the immediate test, don't think about the next task but think about the ideal future you dream of. The finish line and beyond this marathon which has been running for a year or two. Feel the warm glow, the soft brush of the sunflower field as you walk through it.

This is the psychology of positive reinforcement and will ensure that your subconscious works towards making that dream a reality.


# 2. When you are depressed and feel that there is no way, how do you move forward?

Useless motivational nonsense away. When you are down, you are down. Point # 1 only works as positive reinforcement when you do it as a daily habit and not as a knee jerk - feel good tricks to fool your brain.

Do it - sit. Take a blank page. And start writing 50things, which need to happen to make things right for you. It may sound stupid but it is not. count on us. When you start writing things, after the first 10common, silly ideas you will get into the problem-solving area.

The first 10 will be the most obvious ideas - the next 20will seem vague and random but the last 20 or the last 10 will have the most subtle knowledge you can give yourself. These will be the most actionable items and help you overcome your fear of the unknown and take action.


# 3. Stop being a commitment phobic.

Do not wait for the right time to test yourself. Do not wait for the ideal number of revisions before you try those mocks. Anyone will mock. Be smart here. It is now okay to feel ashamed of your low score instead of feeling frustrated after the exam. It is now better to learn from your peers that after a year, sit in the crowd and take knowledge from the queens.

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There is a saying, "The best time to plant trees was20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Yes, this is the best time to plant your self in your mppsc preparation  and crack it, All the best.