Role of time management in your MPPSC exam preparation
Role of time management in your MPPSC exam preparation
By deviding time for each subject and set daily or weekly target can help in mppsc preparation. Mppsc online coaching classes also can help with their pre decided schedule in your mppsc competitive exam.

Role of time management in your MPPSC exam preparation

MPPSC is one of the most difficult state service exams to crack for the candidates. This year, more than three lakh students have applied for only 235 vacancies, meaning that there is only one seat per1200 students. Cracking this exam is very competitive and challenging.

However, with the right strategy and plan, you can prepare yourself well to increase your chances of appearing in the exam. You should study according to the latest syllabus and divide your time correctly for each subject. If you will manage your time for study properly it will be success keyfor you.

MPPSC Exam Pattern

Before we dive into creating a time division and preparation strategy for MPPSC Exam, let know about the exam pattern.

The exam takes place in three stages - Preliminary, Main and Interview.

1. MPPSC Prelims

This is the first phase of the MPPSC exam, where the objective type questions are included in the paper. First of all, you have togo through the General Studies Examination within two hours. Maximum marks are200.

Then, next is the General Aptitude Test, where you get two hours. The maximum marks for this are also 200.

2. MPPSC Mains

This is the second phase of MPPSC exam, where you have to appear for six papers and tests. Here is the list of these letters with maximum marks and time:

·        General Studies-I (3 hours) - 300 marks.

·        General Studies-II (3 hours) - 300 marks.

·        General Studies-III (3 hours) - 300 marks.

·        General Studies-IV (3 hours) - 200 marks.

·        General Hindi (3 hours) - 200 marks.

·        Hindi essay (2 hours) - 100 marks


3. MPPSC Interview

The third and final phase is the interview, where your personality is tested. The maximum marks are 175. You may have cracked both the prelims and mains exam, but if you fail the interview, you will not be able to reach your final destination. In the interview, you are not only asked questions about the subject, but your personality trait is also examined.

Time-division and management suggestions for the preparation of MPPSC

This is an essential requirement to crack any competitive exam, first you need set a goal thus goal setting is the first step to time management. A mppsc aspirant have to set short term goals you can set weekly targets, Daily targets that should be complete in hours like 10, 12 or 14 hours' day. When I was preparing for MPPSC mains I forget all other things, forget the family, postponed spiritual and material quests and focused only on the preparation.

Worried about how much time to give for preparation? MPPSC mains is tough examination to crack. whoever told you that this will easy was lying, it's difficult but not impossible to crack. How much time to give for daily studying solely depends on an individual. Daily study time means the time you spend in your self study which you do at home not in your mppsc coaching. It does not depend on the time but rather on the concentration level that you will be putting. Most students who have higher IQ might have to give just 6 hours of daily studying and they can still retain most of the stuff, where is some students have to do extraordinarily hard work.

Don't go by the time that your friends are giving to Daily preparation, try to utilize the time that you are spending on the study, like Arjun whose eyes were on the target you should also study in the same manner. Just see how much time it requires you to fulfill your daily target and then you can calculate how much time you need to dedicate for your studies.

The very effective way for your mppsc preparation is you can do it with mppsc online coaching classes, they have schedule and plan for the study if you will follow that you can manage your studies.

Effective time division and management is crucial for success in MPPSC exam. By dividing the subjects and subjects to be studied in a set time, you bring a systematic learning approach. Random study routine will take you nowhere. With dedicated learning by set timetables, don't forget to take short breaks for a refreshed mind.