Prepare with MPPSC Previous Year Paper for MPPSC 2021 exam.
Prepare with MPPSC Previous Year Paper for MPPSC 2021 exam.
How the mppsc previous year papers help aspirants in their preparation and role of mppsc coaching in helping the answer writing practice for mains exam.

Prepare with MPPSC Previous Year Paper for MPPSC 2021 exam.

The MPPSC exam is one of the most challenging and one of the most difficult examinations conducted by the state government. The right preparation strategy is the best one to achieve your goal or objective. The increasing level of competition has infiltrated the aspirations into a serious race in which not only hard work is enough, but smart study and perseverance have required most to gain an edge over a large number of competitors. Before starting the preparation, you should properly analyze the contemporary trends of the updated syllabus and exam papers. MPPSC Previous Year Papers play an important role in understanding the relevant trends of the exam so that you do not get distracted by the pattern and opt for smart study instead of just working hard.

 In this article "Prepare with MPPSC Previous Year Paper" you will be able tounderst and the expected weightage and question pattern of each subject.

Prelims Examination Pattern. 

MPPSC Prelims which is objective in nature consists of two parts- 
1. General Aptitude Test Paper I (2 hours) – 200 marks 
2. General Studies Paper II (2 hours) – 200 marks 


Subject-wise weightage for trend analysis of past 5 years 

MP Current Affairs Sports Geography Polity 
15-22 15-25 5-7 10-15 10-15 
History Environment Economy Science & Tech 
12-17 5-10 10-14 5-8 


This pattern changes from year to year as it is ageneral trend analysis, it will help you to focus on the main topics, while the preparation is more than the others.

Download State Service Exam - MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2019 
Pre ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 
Download State Service Exam - MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2018 
Pre ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 
Mains ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6 
Download State Service Exam – MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2017 
Pre ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 
Mains ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6 
Download State Service Exam - MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2016 
Pre ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 
Mains ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6 
Download State Service Exam – MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2015 
Pre ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 
Mains ExamPaper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6 

Mains Examination Pattern

Candidates who pass the preliminary examination are again allowed to appear in the main examination. The number of candidates selected to appear for the main examination is fifteen times more than the number of vacancies available. Unlike the preliminary examination, the main paper is also descriptive and analytical. A candidate should have a clear understanding of concepts and know the recent trends as well as the skill of linking answers with current affairs. Previous year question papers enable you to understand the pattern of question asked how and what to write within the word limit. Practice writing answers for at least one answer daily improves your writing skills and time management. Solving the entire paper within the stipulated time frame helps in avoiding the problem in the final exam. You can join any mppsc coaching in indore to practice answer writing for your mains exam.

Subject Marks 
General Studies-I (3 hours) Part A – History & Culture Part B – Geography, Water Management, Disaster & its Management 300 marks 
General Studies-II (3 hours) Part A – Constitution, Governance, Political and Administrative Structure Part B- Economics and sociology 300 marks 
General Studies-III (3 hours) Science and Technology, Environment 300 marks 
General Studies-Iv (3 Hours) Philosophy, Psychology and Public Administration 200 marks 
Paper- V Hindi (3 hours) General Hindi and Grammar 200 marks 
Paper- VI Hindi essay (2 hours) 200 marks 
Total 1400 marks 

Hope these Previous Year Papers will help you understood the trends analysis of MPPSC examination for your better preparation with smart strategy.
All the Best!!