NCERT Chapter 3 Matrices Class 12 Maths | Mathyug
NCERT Chapter 3 Matrices Class 12 Maths | Mathyug
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Full Syllabus for NCERT Chapter 3 Matrices Class 12 Maths

In this self study course, you will learn concept, notation, order, equality, types of matrices, zero and identity matrix, transpose of a matrix, symmetric and skew symmetric matrices. Operation on matrices: Addition and multiplication and multiplication with a scalar. Simple properties of addition, multiplication and scalar multiplication. Non- commutativity of multiplication of matrices. Concept of elementary row and column operations and Invertible matrices of NCERT Chapter 3 Matrices Class 12 Maths.

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Class 10 Maths

Ch01. Real Numbers
Ch02. Polynomials
Ch03. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Ch04. Quadratic Equations
Ch05. Arithmetic Progression
Ch6. Triangles
Ch7. Coordinate Geometry
Ch8. Introduction to Trigonometry
Ch09. Applications of Trigonometry
Ch10. Circles
Ch11. Constructions
Ch12. Area related to Circles
Ch13. Surface Areas and Volumes
Ch14. Statistics
Ch15. Probability

Class 11 Maths

Ch01. Sets
Ch02. Relations and Functions
Ch02. Domain and Range of Functions
Ch03. Trigonometric Functions
Ch03. Trigonometric Functions Assignments
Ch04. Principle of Mathematical Induction
Ch05. Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations
Ch05. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Assignments
Ch06. Linear Inequalities
Ch06. Linear Inequalities Assignments
Ch7. Permutations and Combinations
Ch8. Binomial Theorem
Ch08. Binomial Theorem Assignments
Ch09. Sequences and Series
Ch09. Sequences and Series Assignments
Ch10. Straight Lines
Ch10. Straight Lines Assignments
Ch11. Conic Sections
Ch11. Conic Sections Assignments
Ch12. Introduction to three dimensional geometry
Ch13. Limits (Limits and Derivatives Part -1)
Ch13. Derivatives (Limits and Derivatives Part-2)
Ch15. Statistics
Ch16. Probability

Class 12 Maths

Ch1. Relations and Functions (Part – 1)
Ch1. Relations and Functions (Part – 2)
Ch2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Ch03. Matrices Class 12 Maths
Ch03. Matrices Class 12 Assignments
Ch04. Determinants Class 12 Maths
Ch04. Determinants Class 12 Assignments
Ch05. Continuity and Differentiability Class 12 Maths
Ch05. Continuity and Differentiability (Derivative Assignments) Class 12 Assignments
Ch05. Continuity and Differentiability (Differentiability Assignment – 3) Class 12 Assignments
Ch6. Applications of Derivatives
Ch06. Applications of Derivatives Class 12 Assignments
Ch7. Integrals
Ch7. Properties of Integrals
Ch8. Limit of Sum & Application of Definite Integrals
Ch9. Differential Equations
Ch10. Vector Algebra Class 12 Maths
Ch10. Vector Algebra Class 12 Assignments
Ch11. Three Dimensional Geometry Class 12 Maths
Ch12. Linear Programming Problems
Ch13. Probability