MPPSC 2021: Preparation tips for last one month
MPPSC 2021: Preparation tips for last one month
The selection in mppsc exam depends on performance that will matter on the exam day. Find the study plan and tips for the last one month preparation of the mppsc exam.

MPPSC 2021: Preparation tips for last one month

No new book should be started at this time. However, regular books can still be referred for concept clearing. This phase should be used more for problem-solving, developing short cuts, and remembering formulas, understanding one's strengths and weaknesses.

MPPSC exam has evolved over a very long time. Last year, a sudden change was noticed in the paper pattern and a lot of students were taken back to the exam center. There is a simple strategy one must understand while preparing for the exam. As much as it is necessary to score well in MPPSC, it is equally important to score well in the board as the normalization process calculates these marks.

How to prepare for MPPSC in last one month:

A serious candidate would ideally have completed the course by now. However, the following tips will count.

Time Management: Proper planning is most essential to prepare on time and deal with the pressure of studies. By now serious students must have decided their preparation or reported it by their teachers. So, this is the time to strengthen your preparation and ensure that you perform very well in the actual MPPSC exam.

General studies, history, geography, polity, hind, english and aptitude all subjects are equally valuable. So, divide these important remaining weeks into topics suitably

• Create chapter wise and topic wise revision schedules.

• Make short mppsc notes and list all the formulas and points to learn. This will help in quick revision before the exam.

Right Method: The right way for first time or second time attendees is to stick to one source and not refer to a huge number of books/study material available in the market. To reap the benefits, students must remain focused with a positive attitude to study with utmost concentration during the entire preparation period. Over the past two weeks, it's only been brushing through notes and marked major problems with a twist. It is suggested to take mock tests on the actual pattern at this time.

Focus on your goal: The key to proper preparation is proper and timely planning. Toppers learn from their weak areas and practice on time to grow in every possible way. The right attitude and sharp focus is necessary to become a topper. Toppers divide their preparation time equally. They stick to the same system of preparation and believe in themselves. Thus, they continuously build their confidence level and are ready to solve any tough question. They make sure to solve all the previous year papers keeping their concepts clear. By joining a mppsc coaching in indore your these purpose will be solved.

Tips for the day and the day before the final exam:

The following points should be kept in mind while preparing for the exam day.

• Think positive and don't talk about your preparation as it can indirectly make you anxious even if you are well prepared. Don't talk to others about MPPSC.

• Be calm, confident and believe in yourself.

• Brush up on essential formulas and short tricks in all subjects.

• Relax yourself or indulge in meditation a day before the actual exam to give your best on exam day.

• Don't ask your friend how much they have studied. This will create unnecessary pressure.

• Get at least 6-7 hours of deep sleep at night.

• Prepare yourself to enter the examination center at least half an hour before the commencement of the examination.

• Make sure to carry your MPPSC admit card and follow the instructions as per the admit card. Avoid borrowing anything inside the exam hall.

Lastly, it is the relative performance that will matter on the exam day. So, do your best and you will crack MPPSC. Select the Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore that can help you in your exams!